Ready for the Adventure

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind. The to do list is dwindling down. It is finally less than half a page long! My favorite task has been to inspect the wine cellar and determine which wines just had to be opened before taking off for the next year. It has been a nice perk to have really good wine on with our weeknight dinners for the last few weeks!

The house is almost rental ready. I will be wrapping up the packing and cleaning this week during my two days off from work while Mike is still at school. We had quite the adventure figuring out what to do with our spare bedroom queen size bed. Our first thought was to store it in the basement for a year, however due to the 90 degree turn in our basement stairs, that was a short lived adventure. So we found a local donation spot, strapped the mattress and box springs to the top of the Transit and drove very slowly. It a relief to cross that off the list!

Saying “See you later” to our friends is the hardest thing for us to do. We are so lucky to have such amazing friends in Portland. We hope to see some of you during the next 14 months at various locations. Please let us know if you would like to meet us somewhere.

My last day at KEEN is tomorrow. It has been such an amazing journey over the last 4.5 years. I am thankful for the opportunity and for the incredible team that I got to work with on a daily basis. It has been fun to reflect and see what we were able to build.

The last big item is packing the van. I’m trying to remember less is more, but it is hard to figure out what exactly we will need for the next 14 months while we rock climb, mountain climb, travel, etc. This trip seems much harder to pack for, but I just need to remind myself that we can buy things along the way as we need them. The planner in me wants it all to be perfect from the get go, but I should remember the number one rule of forecasting… You are always wrong! 🙂

We leave for Idaho on Sunday, Father’s Day. 23 years to the day from when my dad and I left to ride our bicycles across the USA! It is a special day for me and a great day to kick off another epic adventure! I’m so excited to get started and enjoy the next year of adventure with Mike!

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5 Responses to Ready for the Adventure

  1. Beylan Brown says:

    So excited for you. Make sure you pack duct tape. So many uses 🙂 Have an amazing adventure.

  2. Jolanta Pomiotlo says:

    Love it!!! Have fun you two.

  3. Tim Oligmueller says:

    I think today is the day you officially hit the road. Sending you good vibes for a happy and safe trip.

  4. Sara Zuchetto says:

    Thanks for sending out the link, I am so excited to follow your adventures!

  5. Gerardo says:

    Have a great time! looking forward to following your new adventure

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