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Sarah was born in Illinois and grew up in a small suburb of Chicago, Minooka, with her parents, Doug and Fay, and older siblings, Josh and Mary.  Sarah attended Purdue University and graduated in Industrial Engineering.  After college, Sarah moved out to Portland, Oregon, to experience life living on the West Coast.  Sarah has always had a taste for adventure, and it stared with a bike ride across America with her Dad when she was in high school.  Sarah loves rock and mountain climbing and getting outdoors to enjoy nature.

Michael was born in Southwest Washington and grew up in the small town of Castle Rock with his parents, Lloyd and Myrna, and a younger brother, Andy.  After high school, Michael attended Washington State University, graduating with a teaching certificate and an English degree.  He has been teaching at Battle Ground High School for the past nine years, and he coaches high school basketball and soccer.  He is also an avid rock and mountain climber, a passion that he share with Sarah, his main climbing partner.  Michael moved to Portland in 2009, and he and Sarah also enjoy walking and biking to local brew pubs and restaurants when they aren’t out in the mountains.  Needless to say, he is thankful that Sarah agreed to share that tent several years ago.

Michael and Sarah were married on April 9, 2011 in Portland, Oregon.  In July 2011, they set off on their Many Moons trip traveling to 20 countries in 13 months.  It was an amazing way to enjoy their first year of marriage.

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  1. Josephine Banks says:

    I am the wife of Zack Banks. I am going to love traveling vicariousy through the two of you. Have the time of your life! Look forward to reading about your adventures.

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