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Let’s Get the Hell Out of Cairo!

We knew that our journey from Turkey to Tanzania would be long, but we were not nearly expecting the madness awaiting us in the airport at Cairo, our stopover. First, the plane’s electronic readout was set to Turkish time (one … Continue reading

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Cappadocia: Cool Caves and Rampant Rip-Offs

  After being stuck in Antalya with really bad food poisoning, we were excited for one of our expected highlights of the trip, a small town called Goreme, in the region more well known as Cappadocia. As Sarah described in … Continue reading

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Antalya: The Inside of Otogar and Hotel Rooms

After leaving Olympos, we headed to the large town of Antalya to spend one day and then catch the overnight bus to Cappacocia (September 2-3).  Antalya is the gateway town to the Turkish Riveria where we had just come from.  … Continue reading

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One Night in a City and Three in the Trees

After our fabulous stay in the small ocean villages of Kabak and Faralye, we continued down the coast to a town named Kas (Kahsh) and then on to the treehouses of Olympos.  We lucked out and got a taxi ride … Continue reading

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Fethiye, Kabak and Faralya: Beach Time

It was finally time to explore some of Turkey’s amazing coastline after seeing some amazing historical sites.  We spent four wonderful days in this area on the Mediterranean sea (8/25/11 – 8/29/11). The first town, Fethiye, was a large town … Continue reading

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Pamukkale: Crazy Baths and Bus Rides

On Wednesday, August 24, we caught a bus to a town named Pamukkale (Pah-muh-call-eh), a place known for its calcium-coated travertine pools and the ruins of ancient Hierapolis.  The bus ride from Selcuk took about 2 1/2 hours as we … Continue reading

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Selcuk: An Emphasis on Ephesus

 After 4 wonderful days exploring Istanbul, Mike and I were ready to explore more of Turkey starting with Selcuk the town nearest to Ephesus. Mike and I were up early on Monday morning to take the tram to the Otogar, … Continue reading

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Istanbul–Mike and Sarah’s Crazed Yogurt Sauce Spree

I write this blog on Day 6 in Turkey, having just finished my 12th meal featuring yogurt-sauce; basically, we order this with every possible lunch or dinner; if they ate waffles for breakfast here, I might spread this luscious blend … Continue reading

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Day 1 in Istanbul: Yes, Please!

While Italy was amazing, we had no idea what to expect, and since our plane landed at 2:15 AM, we thought it might get off to a rough start.  We needn’t have worried, though, and Istanbul proved to be a … Continue reading

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