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Countdown to Our Many-Moons!

Greeting on the official “Get Rid of Sarah and Mike Day” from Chicago!  We have spent most of the past week in the suburbs of Indianapolis with Sarah’s family, and it has been a wonderful time.  From Hancock, Michigan, we … Continue reading

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Mike’s Introduction to the UP: Pasties, Parades, and Plates

After our time in Minnesota, Mike and I drove 6 hours to Grandma’s house in Hancock, Michigan.  I have many, many childhood memories of Grandma’s house playing, so I was really excited to show Mike my favorite spots and get … Continue reading

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Farms, Friends, Family, and Bacon-Wrapped Sweet Potato Fries

Greetings, All…or as they say here in the majestic land of Minneapolis…greetings, all!  The past week has been a mixture of relaxing sunshiny days with friends and family and days of endless driving along monotonous roads.  However, as we sit … Continue reading

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