Still Moonin’

Still Moonin’ is the name we came up with for this trip because the first trip we took was called Many Moons, as we had just gotten married. We decided to keep with the theme as it is funny and fitting (also, Mike has always been fond of mooning things). The trip will be primarily climbing focused, both rock and alpine. We will be spending 8 months in the USA and 5 months abroad. Check out our itinerary page for the details.

We are thrilled to hit the road again and travel long term. It will be a different trip with having a home base in the craggin’ wagon (our Ford Transit Connect) for the majority of the trip. We will also have more than 1 backpack of gear – which is actually making it harder to pack! For our overseas portions, we will be back to the lighter load.

The preparations for our trip are well underway, and the to- do list is getting shorter daily. The majority of the large items are now completed… selling our second car, renting out our house, getting our house ready for our renter, giving notice and buying gear. Now we are on to the minor details, and the list is finally getting shorter!

After all the planning and organizing, I am really ready to hit the road in 3 weeks! I am sure it will take a few weeks for reality to hit and for us to settle into our new routine. We were laughing the other day that we will again be sharing the same experiences 24/7 and our dinner conversations will be not your typical “how was your day?” I can only imagine the new adventures, the people we will meet, and the places we will get to experience. I know it is going to be an amazing, fun-filled journey and I am looking forward to sharing a few of our stories along the way.

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