Iceland Fun Facts

Mike and I decided it would be fun to make a fun facts page for each country we visit. 

Things We Really Enjoyed (No order except for # 1)

1. Soaking/Swimming in the hot pots

2. Overall landscape

3. Geysir and Golden Falls

4. Coffee

5. Water (Drinking)

6. Hike from Portsmork to Camp 1 (Emstrur)

7. Settlement House

8. Honeymoon Dinner

9. Dettifoss

10. Mini-Cinnamon rolls

11. Timo and Michael

12. Landscape of Akureyri

13. Easy to travel around

Things We Disliked

1. Camp at Akureyri (dirty, crowded, teenagers)

2. Six hours of laundry (although it was funny)

3. Expensive

4. Weather (especially on Day 2 of the hike) – cold, rainy and windy

5. Sheep meat

6. Viking beer

Funniest Moments

1. Laundromat Café Fiasco

2. Mike’s nose-dive outside the guesthouse

3. Disappearing/Reappearing Bald Bus Driver at N1

4. Bus Driver to Akureyri’s 5 minute “Viewpoints”


7 nights in our tent

2 nights in a hostel

1 night in a guesthouse


3 bus rides totaling 24 hours

1 flight (45 minutes)

1 rental car

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