BBQ Party/Welcome Back: Fri., Aug. 17 @7:00

Hi All,

As you probably know, Sarah and I are back in Portland.  The readjusment hasn’t really begun yet because we have spent the last month visiting friends and family and are now working our rearends off to get moved in and catch up on a year’s worth of stuff.

Anyway, we wanted to remind/invite you all to the barbecue that our great friend Maria is hosting for us on Friday, Aug. 17 at 7:00 PM.  We are very excited to see as many of you as possible that night!  I would really like to get a giant bullet-shaped metal bucket of hops from the Lucky Lab for the occasion, but I am not quite sure how much to get.  If you would like to join us but have not already RSVP’d, please email me or check your invitations on Facebook by this Monday (I can give you her address).  You are still welcome to join us if you don’t RSVP, of course, but there might not be enough of the good stuff!

Thanks to everyone for following us this year; you all mean a great deal to us, and we often wondered how you were doing as the year went on (these conversations often replaced, “how was your day, honey,” which would only be met with an incredulous look from said honey).  We will have two more blogs–one for the road trip home, and one with some FAQ’s that we have received during the last month. 


PS If you were hesitant to come to our party because you were afraid my Dad would be there, he has assured me that he doesn’t want to drink with any of us young punks anyway!

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  1. Betse Judd Miller says:

    My dears: I’m too ancient to come to p
    arties, but certainly do want to read all about it!!! Welcome home. I’m the Senior Cousin of Lloyd’s father’s family, Betse

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