I didn’t expect to be able to go on Saturday, but things broke my way.
But nothing remarkable happened. Warmed up, grouped up, rolled.
And last night the luck kept on coming, and I made it to the night class. Tim was teaching this time.
Much like last week, I was huffing and puffing through the warm up. Strange, since I usually don’t have any issues on Saturdays. Maybe it’s a night time thing?
Lesson of the day was a DLR guard into lasso guard, into a sweep. I drilled with Derwin. I had some issues doing the DLR to lasso change, I just couldn’t get the right angle most of the time.
For rounds, we ran the chipper, starting in DLR. My success was greatly varied. Some rounds I got swept in 10 seconds. Some rounds I passed or swept in 10 seconds. Cheng and another guy went 45 minutes without a pass or sweep!