Nighttime Is The Right Time

It takes a minor miracle to have everything fall into place to allow me to hit up night class. And last night was it, my first night class in a long time.
And it showed. Smallish class, only 12 of us. We did a usual warm up, then continued it with some take down drills. 1 and 1. I was paired up with Kevin, and we both did single legs for a round, then single legs all the way down to an established position.
I was winded afterwards, and it apparently showed. Damian announced that we’d do some conditioning in honor of my triumphant return. Wonderful.
So, Tabatta style takedowns. Starting with a single leg, we’d go 20 seconds to finish (or defend) the takedown, then 10 seconds to rest and reset. 8x. 2 minute break. then we did it again. Surprisingly, I did okay with Kevin. I got a few takedowns, and defended (or reversed) a couple too.
Then we did rounds. Well, we rolled. No clock, though Damian did give us a break. Kevin dominated me positionally for most of it, as I was doing my best just to keep moving. But he only submitted me once, and it was due to my own dumb mistake.
And I can walk this morning too, so wins all around.