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I struggled before class on Saturday. With my boys in taking their class, I was sitting outside doing mental gymnastics, coming up with reasons why I should just go home when they were finished.
In the end, I just sacked up and changed.
And everything worked out. I made it through the warm up. Damian gave me an okay group. And I worked through ~15 three minute rounds. And even caught a couple of submissions.
I don’t have the consistency that I used to. And I can’t really keep up with some guys that I used to be able to. But I still can get in a sweat and attempt to progress at my own rate.


Well, no, not me. Just the Saturday class game got flipped on it’s head.
Traditionally, we play first point “wins”, IE, If I pass into side control, I stay in, and the new guy comes in, under my side control. So the better people are continuously building advantages. But this week, we started under side control, and if we escaped, then next guy came in mounted on us, and if we got out of that, the next guy comes in on our back, etc.
I liked it this way, as it gave the weaker people the chance to start in advantagous positions and generally mixed things up quite a bit. I had Tim C, Dennis, Spencer, and BB John in my group, so quite a range of bodies and abilities.

Live From The Field

Same story. No time in the schedule for jiu jitsu. Until this Saturday…
The usual warm up, which left me winded. We divided up into groups of 4, with 2 upper belts, and 2 lower. And we paired off for 3 minutes in, 3 minutes out. Which means, I got 8 rounds with Danny.
Predictably, they all went almost exactly the same. He’d either sweep, or pass, then mount, then either take my back or s-mount and choke. Some times he’d do it twice in a round. Some times I held him off for the 3 minutes.
Felt good to move and sweat. Kid sports are ending soon, so maybe I’ll have some more breaks in the schedule.


Small group last night, only 11 of use braving the cold and snow.
Quick jog, then a throwback drill of punch, cover, clinch, throw, mount and some self defense style techniques.
No technique tonight, just some positional rounds. First game we stared in mount. Guy on top has to maintain, guy on bottom has to escape. 1 minute rounds, loser does burpees. We did that 4x, switched partners, then did it 4 more times. At this point, there’s another hour of class left and I’m thinking about just dropping dead. We switch parteners again and do it 4 more times. Luckily for me, my last group had 3 people, so I got a little break here and there.
We rounded class out with three 10 minute rounds. I had Luke, Jake, and Will. Did okay with Luke, got smashed flat with Jake, and did my best to keep moving with Will.
Rough night all around!

Easy Saturday

Quick warm up, then groups. Damian assigned and assigned, and assigned, and eventually I was put in the last formed group. Jason, a blue belt, me, and 3 white belts, Matt, Steve, and Kevin.
Not sure why I had this group, but there we were, playing the ladder game, so rotating partners every point scored. The pace was slower than usual, so it was a pretty relaxed day.
I felt okay, worked enough to get a good sweat in, and got to show the white belts a few things. Both in theory, and then in practice.

Saturday Sweat

50+ on the mat. 1 degree outside. It was hot and steamy, and then we opened up the outside door and the gym became a fog machine.
We had a 6 person group, 2 rounds in, 1 out. I had Long, Morgan, Mesfin, Butcher, and a white belt who’s name I can’t remember.
Good rounds with everyone. I hit a nice long kimura sequence vs Butcher, but ran out of gas before I could finish it.

Even More Jiu Jitsu!

I came close to bailing out and not going to class last night, but ultimately didn’t. And just like every other time where that’s happened, at some point during the night I think to my self “I’m glad I came.”
We skipped the warm up and drilled single leg X entrances, then two different single leg X passes. Then right into rolling.
We had groups of 6, 2 pairs in, 2 people out. Pass vs sweep or submit, winner stays on top. Super fast turn over too. I’d be in, get passed. Have a 20 second break, then be right back in. I only got off one sweep during the hour, and never really got into single leg X to experiment (per Damian’s suggestion). But I still count it as a successful conditioning!


Twice in one week?! First time in…well, a long time.
We did 15 minutes in, then rotated through. Some breaks were 5, some were ten, we had an oddly sized grou. But it was a good mix. V, Kevin, Long, Juke, plus others.
At the end of class, Eric got his brown belt. Lots of promotions lately. JR got his too.
I’m still sore today, but I’m happy to be going more regularly.

New Year

It’s a cliche, but New Year, new goals, right?
So, back at it. I showed up expecting a class, but it turns out it’s just open rolling this week due to the holidays.
I changed and hopped out there. Warmed up with a round with Dennis. Had rounds with Harris, Brie, Aria, Paulie, Cory and Ben.
I felt okay, all things considered. Winded, but working. Damian apparently was watching because he suggested that I play more single leg x guard.

Friday Fun Day

Black Friday rolls!
Small group compared to the usual Saturday sessions. Quick warm up, then Tim split us into groups. We had 6, Tim, Gil, Stu, JR, Fuchs and I. That’s quite a lineup for me. 3 minute rounds, no breaks.
But I made it through! Even nailed a great wristlock against Stu. Felt good rolling, and was looking forward to doing it again on Saturday…but then the entire family caught the plague.