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Chipper 2022

New year, same grind.
I haven’t yet managed to hit any kind of consistency in my attendance, but I’m still showing up when I can.
Order of the day was guard retention. Starting sitting, no grips. Sweep vs submit. Winner is standing in the next round.
I started with Karen and Meli, then later merged in with Tim, Nick, Kevin and another guy. Had a few sweeps, but no passes. And a few times where I managed to keep my guard going for a while.
Tim stripped a few of us at the end. Been a LONG time since I’ve gotten one. Also….belts coming up in March. Blacks, browns, possibly others.

Stop. Start. Stop. Start

Break for the holidays and to rest my neck a bit.
Then more COVID. Then kid stuff. Same old same old.
But, back on Saturday. A couple of quick warm up drills, then some positional sparring. Starting with DLR guard, sweep/submit vs pass. I had Melli and Paulie G. Got a decent sweat going, but nothing too strenuous.

More of the same

Well, I’ve been training. Sporadically, but training never the less.
Lots of new faces and partners too. And, it’s been nice reconnecting with some old ones.
My neck/upper back has been stiff, some things never change. Trying to take care of it, and with the holidays and whatnot going on, things have been pretty uneven.
Training feels odd. Relearning everything plus having latent muscle memory popping up now and then, makes rolls very strange!

I’m Back

The past two Saturday’s have convinced me. I need to restart jiu jitsu.

I thought a lot about this during the pandemic, and I was pretty comfortable with just riding out into the sunset and moving on. But seeing many old friends and rolling again changed my mind.

I went to my first class at Rebel BJJ today. Light day, as it was just Tim and I. We drilled a sit up guard sweep, that was very appropriate. I was working something similar on Saturday, to no effect against Tim and Long. Then we rolled for a few rounds. At a nice leisurely pace that only left me mostly gasping for air.

Well. It’s been a while.

So yeah. Pandemic. That was a thing.
I think I had one more Saturday training before the world shut down, that I didn’t blog about.
So…19 months without training. I spent more than a few hours thinking about jiu jitsu though. Talking with friends, contemplating my future, etc. The break was nice. More free time for other things. The break sucked. I put on a few COVID pounds. I didn’t see much of my BJJ friends.
Tim has split off from Daimian and opened up his own gym now, Rebel BJJ. Saturday was his first class. And I couldn’t let that pass, regardless if I decide to train again regularly or not. So, I dusted off my bag and set out.
It was like old home week. Lots of people I haven’t seen in a long time. But a solid crowd for a short-notice soft opening day. We did a quick warm up, which had me exhausted from the get go, and then into groups. I had Meli, Long, Paulie G, and Mesfin. All of whom also had been off for a long time. We did 4 in, rotating on any scored point. Exhausting work.
And I ache today. But it was good. I need to decide on my future.


Literally and figuratively.
We’re buying a new house. Which adds to my already cramped schedule. However, (almost) nothing stops the jiu jitsu train.
Saturday I had a great group. Wade, Bob, Tom, and Nick. We did 3 minute rounds, with each of us being in for 12 minutes straight. It was a great mix. Wade is always tough. The others are more manageable, but still training at about the pace that I’m looking for.

Live From The Field

Feels like Spring is just around the corner. Things are warming up, the ice is melting. I love this time of year.
And I loved my group on Saturday too. Pat, Dennis, Kevin, and Gary. Good rounds with all of them, and I got to share a butterfly sweep with Dennis and Kevin. Gary was bending way over in guard, so I showed them how they could exploit that mistake. Kevin even hit it in a later round.

Remote Training/Miami Open

So, months ago, Judo Alex invites me (and others) to join him in sunny South Florida for some fun in the sun and the IBJJF Miami Open. Why yes, yes I would love to join you and cheerlead!
In the end, it was only three of us, Alex, Rob and I. We had a great time, but focusing on the BJJ end of things….
We did squeeze in one training session before leaving for the tournament, at Vickery BJJ. Small gym, and the three of us were the only colored belts there besides the two black belt instructors.
Lesson of the day were some single leg takedown options off of a blocked shot. They shoot, we sprawl and down-block with our arm/shoulder to prevent them from penetrating. We’re heavy, then we lighten up to allow them to regain posture while we drop our level and take our own shot.
I paired up with a nice white belt and we learned together. Rob and Alex did kind of their own thing off to the side, working some throws they wanted to use.
We did some rounds afterwards, and all three of us got wrecked by the the instructor of the day, Patrick.
As for the tournament itself, we saw a ton of good jiu jitsu. We saw some really bad jiu jitsu. Alex went 0-2 for double silver. Rob went 0-2 for a single bronze. So not a lot of success, but we all enjoyed the day!

New Year, Same Me

The Holiday season has been a busy one. But New Year, same schedule.
My oldest got belted Saturday morning. He was pretty happy about it too, deservedly.
The adults ran the chipper, pass vs sweep or submit. I had a decent day, despite coughing up a lung monkey now and then. Had good rounds with Tim, Dennis, Phil, Darren, Pat and others.

More Games

Group of 4 this saturday. Wade, Nick, and Brian. Sweep/submit vs pass, starting in spider guard.
It was a perfect group for me that day. Evenly matched most rounds, and a good turn over too.