The New, The Old, and the Infirm

Or….my group. Most of the time anyways.

I had Nick, Bri (4 weeks post partum!), and Mike, an older guy who used to wrestle, but only has been doing jiu jitsu for a week.

Nick is always fun. Bri was tough, her side control pressure is top notch. And Mike, I spent some time explaining the positions, ran through the BJJ 101 drill, and showed him the americana and armlock from mount. Plus a couple of rounds of sparring with him.


So couple of Saturday’s ago, we had a smaller group, so it was just round robin, self paired.

Did my first round with Nick, then grabbed Tim, “while I was fresh”. Felt okay with him. Then had Popsicle. And yeah, the rest of the day was with the old/slow/new people in the corner.

This weekend we ran the chipper amongst the usual gang. Had two new whitebelts, so gave me a chance to catch my breath and help them along.


Saturday was a killer.

Two groups, with 195 pounds being the dividing line.   5 minute rounds, round robin.

So, no breaks, and a wide range of sizes and abilities. 

I had Nick (twice), Karen, Alex, Jamal, Tim, and others.  

I thought I was doing as I would expect.    My second the last round was against Tim, who, as gently as he could, just wrecked me.  No submissions, just moving around me.   A lot of that was me just being exhausted.   And him being significantly better than me.   But he told me that “these young guys are wrecking your confidence”, and paired me up with Nick for the last round.

Not sure what to read into that.   I don’t have any illusions about my own abilities.  I’m never going to beat Jamal, Alex, or Tim.  But there is something to be said for confidence too.  It’s always a pick-me-up, when I can play with someone lower than me vs me fighting for my life.

Lights Out

Light group this weekend.    Ten Ton Aria, coming off ankle surgery, Karen, Nick and I.

We’d do 3 rounds round robin, then all take one off.

Nice rounds, good sweat.  Karen had a good idea for an odd barabo-cross choke, but couldn’t finish it.  We played with it some on a break.  Then asked Aria.  Then finally asked Tim when none of us could come up with a good way to finish it.

Another Saturday

I do wish I trained more often.   And I’m grateful for the time I do get to.

Warmed up, groups of three, 8 minutes in, 4 out.  I had Nick and Mick.  Great rounds, and shared a couple of details with Mick.

Afterwards, Long and some blue belt did a match that was fun to watch.   Tim handed out a bunch of stripes and purple belted the guy.

Small Rounds

Big tournament in Vegas….so very small group this week.   Popsicle
ran the class.

We ran the chipper, rotating every point.   We only had 7, so we had
three pairs in, which made for a very quick turnaround.   Popsicle,
Nick, Jamal, myself, and two whitebelts.   So, some challenges, some
even, and some easy guys.   It was a great mix.

Saturday Rounds

We warmed up by doing 5 minutes of take downs, alternating, then 5
minutes of guard pulls, again, alternating.   I paired up with Alex.
Thankfully he didn’t throw me hard.

I had a light group this week.  Gavin, Mick, and Keith.   We did 3
minute rounds, staying in for 3 straight.   Lots of movement and I
played around with the worm guard sweep some.  Showed both Gavin and
Keith a few things too.

Saturday matches

Yeah.  Life.   Anyways…

Saturday was a little different.   Tournament season is upon us, so we
split into groups of three.   Two do a 5 minute match with the odd man
out keeping score.   I had Paulie G and the new blue belt guy.

Entirely predictably, it was an exhausting day.   I did fine against
the blue.  And Paulie was gentle.  I took one round off and Tim subbed
in, so the next time in….I had Tim.   Who was also nice to me.

My legs still hurt 3 days later for some reason.   LIke I was squating
weights or something.


Kids sports are over for a bit, so my time is freeing up somewhat.
But on the other hand, the weather is pretty steamy!

We warmed up, and the once all the pieces were in place, Tim gave Meli
her black belt.   Well deserved.   A lot of the old gang showed up to
wish her well too.

We did 3 minute rounds, round robin.   Being so hot, it was more like
2 in, 1 out.  I had Tim, Wade, Trevor, Mick, and Kevin.


Couple of Saturday’s ago, I had the lowest key group ever.  Alex’s gym
was up visiting, so many new faces.   Karen, another woman, a couple
of white belts and a blue.   Gave me a nice chance to work some
offense and move around a lot.

Last weekend on the other hand, not so much.   I had Tim, Long,
Mesfin, Nick and someone else.   Couple of rounds in, one round out.