Still Alive

Holiday weekend, two-fer training.
Saturday was typical training. Monday, we had a lighter group, so we ran a Chipper with 10 people in.
I’m getting the itch to train more often.

Grinding Along

Still steamy. We had a very large group on Saturday, including our own Bob the Monster, up for a visit from sunny Florida.
I had a good group. Nick, Dennis, Kevin, Gary, Greg, Darren, and a couple of others. Solid rounds will all of them and I felt good doing it. Lots of movement and positional success.

Not The Hammer

Really hot on Saturday. On paper I had a good group. Meli, Charlie, Dennis, Kevin, Wade, and others.
In reality, I had a rough series of rounds. My first couple of rounds went okay, but I blew any grip strength I had, and the heat just sapped me.

Hammer Time

I had a nice vacation and was well rested for Saturday. Light crowd due to the holiday.
I had Nick, Dennis, Tall Mike, Tyler, and Marcus in my group. Nick was first up, and I must have been feeling well because I just mauled him, enough that he even commented on it afterwards.
And the rest of my rounds went pretty well too. Nice to be that hammer once in a while.

Live From The Field

Generally unremarkable training on Saturday.
I had Dennis, Jamie, Tall MIke, Tom, Will, Phil the Drill, and a couple of others. Two rounds in, one out. No games this week, just regular training.

Incremental Improvement

No, not me. Improving your position. Tim talked about it after our rounds. We’re not playing “first point wins” to get ready for tournaments or anything. We’re playing to emphasize the importance of being on top, and STAYING there.
I started off in a tough group, Tim, Cheng, Dumi, Morgan, and others. After a couple of rotations, it was clear I was going to be spending most of the day against the wall, waiting to rotate in, so Tim shifted me to a different group.
In that one I had Meli, Mesfin, Aria, and a few white belts. It provided a good mix of work and active rest.

Trucking along

The usual Saturday morning rounds. I’d like to go more often, but it’s just not happening.
Just normal rolls today, no situational work. I had Nick, Aria, Meli, Jamie, and Kevin in my group. 2 rounds in, 1 round out.


Long weekend, so two sessions, woo!
Both were low key training. We did 3 minute rounds, with 3 in a row on your back. Starting in open guard with your feet on the hips and sleeve grips. Sweep or submit vs pass. And as an added wrinkle, if you get back to closed guard, reset.
In Saturday’s group I had Pat, Danny, and others.
Monday’s group was Alex, Danny, Blue Belt Tom, and one other. Danny just wrecked us all, but my highlight of the day was taking his back from guard once. He did detail afterwards the mistake we were all making vs him.

More of the Same

Smaller group than usual on Saturday. That, combined with my brown belt “right of way”, made for more than the usual amount of space.
We had a group of 6, Pat, Gary, Judo Gary, Steph, Meli and I. We rotated and played sweep/submit vs submit, which made the breaks longer than usal. I felt like I did okay, but that’s a really mixed group
In any case, a good sweat and good movement.


My weekend was already looking good Saturday morning. The family was all out of town, so I had the house to myself.
Had a good jiu jitsu class. We played first point wins, with a rotating group of 8, so six in and 2 people out at a time. I had Aria, Brady, Long, Meli, Keil, and Kevin. It was a good mix of people.
And I felt like I did well, hit a great half guard sweep with Aria, some good guard retention/re-guarding with others. Even a back take.
After rolling was done, Damian lined us up and mentioned he had a couple of belts to award. He mentioned something about guys with “lives and hobbies outside of jiu jitsu, but still solid jiu jitsu guys who are going to be training for a long time”, and my spider-sense went up. Richie was standing to my right and he got called up for his brown belt first. Then Damian called me up for mine, which really shocked me. I figured it was out there on the horizon, but my training schedule has been so sporadic that I never thought I was making any real progress. And then Morgan got his too.