Short Saturday

Still hot.

My rounds on Saturday got cut short. I had to leave in the middle of them to take care of some family stuff.

But I did get rounds in with Brendan, Wade, Andy and another white belt.

Sweaty Singles

It’s steamy.

Noon class today started off with a typical guard pull setup into a hook sweep. We then modified to to be a guard pull feint into a single leg that lands in position to over under pass.

For rounds, I had a quick one with Pat and then Andy.

Holi-daze Rounds

Busy holiday week out of town, so no jiu jitsu for me.

But I was back on Saturday for rounds. We had a big group, 9 I think. I know I had Alex, Wade, and Sarah, but the rest was a blur.

Sarah has improved quite a bit since the last time we rolled. Alex was going full steam, as he’s going to be at Master’s Worlds in a couple of weeks. And I got lucky with Wade with a cross choke while passing his half guard. Tough to get submissions with only 3 minute rounds.

Stupid Sweep

Three classes this week? Whoa.

Lesson of the day was the “stupid” sweep. Grip a sleeve and the opposite side pants. Pull them towards you, to load him up, then undo your guard, drop one foot down and kick the armpit on the other side and over they go. The devil is in the timing. Bonus, if they post, you can sneak your leg through that now open gap and shoot a triangle. Well, you’re supposed to be able to. I’m not sure my hips are flexible enough to allow it.

For rounds I had Phillip and Brendan. Hard and fast, then in the shower and back to work.

Speed Rounds

Saturday was a nice cool day for jiu jitsu.

We were a group of NINE this week. 3 pairs in, 3 people out, 3 minute rounds. I had Ben, Davis, and another white belt, plus Daryl, Jamie, and others. I made it two rounds before I needed to take a break. No way I was going to make 6 in a row without keeling over. I was on top of Daryl at one point in half guard when someone next to us got swept and I caught their foot in my face. Nice black eye from it.

Tuesday, it’s still cool. Damian ran the lesson, attacking the turtle with the “machete” back take. Bri and I drilled. Then we did more 3 minute rounds. I had Torkleson, Brenden, Cullin and Dave before I had to split. Made it the whole time without a break this time!

Drop In

Life has kept me busy, and as usual, BJJ is the first thing to go. Been nearly a month since my last class.

But this weekend life plopped me in Vegas with some of the gang for a bachelor party. So, Tim, Alex, JR, Brady and I dropped in to the Alliance/Cobrinha associated gym there for a lesson. Hector and Tim have been friends for a while, and he seemed to be a great guy.

I had a few things working against me. It was 110 outside. I was up late drinking the night before. Time change. Sporadic attendance for the past few months. But I made it through class, slowly, but I made it. And we all got our butts whipped during the rounds. Tough, technical guys there. We still had a lot of fun!

Long Weekend

My birthday was last week. Another trip around the sun completed. It may be in my head, it may be my reduced training schedule, or it may be age, but I’ve started to notice it. Primarily longer recovery time, but some other things too. Hard to quantify them.

My boys all had their first BJJ class on Saturday morning. They were all quite excited about it. They did some grip breaks and a simple takedown. I don’t think they did a single rep correctly, but they were still out there. It’ll do them all good if they stick with it.

For my class, I was grouped up with Meli, Morgan, Rafa, Jamie, and someone else. Mostly tough rounds.

After class, some stripes and belts. Little Bob got his purple. Popsicle and Zig got their browns. Good for them!

Attack the Back

Nooner. We did the Circle of Death to warm up, I’m sure I’ll be feeling that tomorrow.

Lesson of the day was attacking the choke from the back, when the guy defends properly. When he defends and slides his head, the normal transition would be to mount for me, but if we have good grips, then we don’t want to give that up. We elevate with out top hook behind his knee to free our other leg, then drive into him, flatten him out and choke. We did a couple of variations.

Rounds were 5/5 starting on the back, starting with the other guy on your back. I had Dr. Tim. He escaped all but one time when I was on his back, and I escaped all but one time with him on mine. Tough to choke a guy who has good defense!

Half Guard Work

Random Thursday off…can’t miss out on jiu jitsu. It was nice to not have any time constraints due to work for a change too.

Before we started warming up, Charlie and I were talking about being tired of being “the nail” and getting beat on. He said something to the effect of being the hammer today. I responded back with “You can’t choose to be the hammer. The hammer chooses you.” Some days you have it, some days you don’t.

Lesson of the day was a half guard sweep/back take combo. From half guard, defend your head, duck under & grab their far knee. Work to our knees. They wizzer to prevent the back take, we push in, they push back, we duck under and sweep. Or we can Pete Townsend our wizzer’d arm out, take the back by stepping up and sitting into it.

For rounds, we did 3 minutes on top/bottom of half guard, three times. I had Derwin, Ryan, and Darren. I did kinda meh with Derwin, despite hitting a rolling back take at the buzzer from on top. Ryan and I were even, both getting some successes. And I ran through Darren. So, nail, even, and hammer today. Success always tastes good.

Saturday Rounds

Normal warm up, then Brady made up the groups. I drew Wade, Dumi, Gil, and Richie. 20 minutes in, 5 out.

I had Wade first. We had a nice back and forth going for most of the round, me attempting to sweep, him attempting to pass, and neither of us getting our way. Mesfin commented later that he thought my guard work was great.

I had Gil next. And it was a 5 minute smashing that tweaked my wrist and shoulder both. My wrist got twisted up in his gi from the bottom of side control, then he switched sides and I couldn’t pull it out. Later he had be in a crucifix, and did a weird shoulder lock. I complained about young white/blues hurting me a couple weeks ago, and now I’ve gotta watch out for the browns too.

Dumi smashed me too, but very gently. His control is outstanding.

Richie was going slow all day and working on the bottom, so I played along too.