Well, it happened.

The Black Belt.

Tim told me that Aria and I were getting ours this year back in April. And Saturday was my day. Weird scheduling and secret plans behind my back forced it to happen on different days, but it happend.

I knew that Saturday was The Day about a week and a half ago when Popsicle made an off handed comment about it. I found out that my parents were coming up. One of my sons was skipping his first fall soccer game. And many friends were coming to be part of the celebration.

Skyler led the warm up. Which now, will probably be more and more common, as I’ve “aged out” of that responsiblity.

Tim told us to get into groups of four. Nick grabbed me right away, and I was looking for Mick, Kevin, or someone else similar to fill out our group. Not to be. Tom and Popsicle joined us. It was to be a long day.

1 minute rounds, one guy is in for 6 on his back starting with collar and sleeve. I did alright with Nick, on both sides. Tom and Chris held me to the fire. We took a little break, then self paired for the rest of the day.

I had James next, nice and light. Then JR and Wade, both of which were visiting from Alliance. Nice to see both of those guys again.

Tim said some nice things about me, this blog, how I hated him for a period of time, then belted me. Lots of hugs, pictures, and celebration afterwards.

My dad asked me later that day about how it felt to hit this goal. And I explained to him that getting to black belt has never been a goal of mine. I figured it would happen sooner or later, but it never was a target. I just kept showing up, doing my best, learning what I could and trying to move forward every time.

That’s the goal. Keep on trying. And it hasn’t changed because I’ve been promoted.