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A different kind of openat this week. We warmed up with some take down setups. Then groups of 4, starting standing and going until someone scored.

I had Nick, Brian and Marquees. Good groups and we mostly pulled. Group next to us was going HARD. Was entertaining to watch.

Did a round with Nick, Max and Alex afterwards.

Open Mat

Small group for a Saturday. We did have a few stragglers show up later though.

Groups of 5, 1 minute rounds, you do 4 in a row, then rotate out. I had Trevor, Monique, Marquis, and Dan. Spent a lot of time being squished.

And finished class with another round with Trevor, one with Cheng and one with Nick.


i forced myself over the mental hump and went to class last night, to the surprise of everyone there.

We drilled a leg drag pass with an odd reverse head control finish. Felt awkward on both sides. Just not something that make work I think.

Rounds were 8 in and 4 out with Dom and Ray. Both were going hard. I managed to keep up most of the time too. Success all around.

It felt good.


its a running joke at my gym. You can’t be a black belt if you can’t run a class hung over.

I wasn’t exactly hung over, but it was a late night last night. And I was no where near 100% this morning.

But, I made it anyways. I had Nick and Paulie G, 8 minutes in, 4 out. I took it slow and steady. They both dominated me today, but I wasn’t expecting anything else to happen. Decent movement, and entertaining in any case.

Keeping Up

Trying to anyways.

I didn’t sleep well on Friday night, so I knew that Saturday was not going to be a great day of training. Went anyways. Warmed up.

My group was Nick, V, Trevor, Joe and Mike, which I thought was a pretty good mix. I could go as hard as I wanted with Nick and Trevor, easy with V, and then whatever was required for Joe and Mike.


My habit of updating has fallen off. Boo,

I still did some classes. Yay!

I did a Tuesday class with Tom about the tripod sweep and another open guard sweep, alternating between the two. A friday class about stand up hand fighting, which was exhausting, and a couple of open mats.

Notable rounds included: Aria, Brian, Tom, Gene, Nick, Mick, and many others.

I’ll do better.

Holiday Slacking

Well, I’ve gone to class a few times, but neglected to write about it. Sue me.

Did go on this past Fri/Sat/Tuesday. All low key, low attendance days due to the holidays. Good rounds. Trying to go more often in this New Year.

Saturday Saturday

late updates. Nothing going on… Just… Unmotivated? Lazy? Pick your word.

i did the last two Saturdays. Same format. 1 minute rounds vs a rotating cast. Both open guard variations. I had Nick, Vee and Mark, the. Nick Mark and Dom.

mark kicked my butt the first week. But the next, I was motivated to give him a bit more zip and did better. Not awesome, and I’m cardio limited, but better.

two in a row?!

All levels class tonight, led by Tom.

He did a nice sweep to mount using a “pocket” grip, similar to a flower sweep. And then a tight armbar using a gift wrap grip.

Rounds with Max, Dom, Tom, Jordan and Monique.


The grey-ness continues. There may be a light at the end of the tunnel though.

I trained two Saturdays, but was off this most recent one due to feeling crappy from vaccine boosters.