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Literally and figuratively.
We’re buying a new house. Which adds to my already cramped schedule. However, (almost) nothing stops the jiu jitsu train.
Saturday I had a great group. Wade, Bob, Tom, and Nick. We did 3 minute rounds, with each of us being in for 12 minutes straight. It was a great mix. Wade is always tough. The others are more manageable, but still training at about the pace that I’m looking for.

Live From The Field

Feels like Spring is just around the corner. Things are warming up, the ice is melting. I love this time of year.
And I loved my group on Saturday too. Pat, Dennis, Kevin, and Gary. Good rounds with all of them, and I got to share a butterfly sweep with Dennis and Kevin. Gary was bending way over in guard, so I showed them how they could exploit that mistake. Kevin even hit it in a later round.

Remote Training/Miami Open

So, months ago, Judo Alex invites me (and others) to join him in sunny South Florida for some fun in the sun and the IBJJF Miami Open. Why yes, yes I would love to join you and cheerlead!
In the end, it was only three of us, Alex, Rob and I. We had a great time, but focusing on the BJJ end of things….
We did squeeze in one training session before leaving for the tournament, at Vickery BJJ. Small gym, and the three of us were the only colored belts there besides the two black belt instructors.
Lesson of the day were some single leg takedown options off of a blocked shot. They shoot, we sprawl and down-block with our arm/shoulder to prevent them from penetrating. We’re heavy, then we lighten up to allow them to regain posture while we drop our level and take our own shot.
I paired up with a nice white belt and we learned together. Rob and Alex did kind of their own thing off to the side, working some throws they wanted to use.
We did some rounds afterwards, and all three of us got wrecked by the the instructor of the day, Patrick.
As for the tournament itself, we saw a ton of good jiu jitsu. We saw some really bad jiu jitsu. Alex went 0-2 for double silver. Rob went 0-2 for a single bronze. So not a lot of success, but we all enjoyed the day!

New Year, Same Me

The Holiday season has been a busy one. But New Year, same schedule.
My oldest got belted Saturday morning. He was pretty happy about it too, deservedly.
The adults ran the chipper, pass vs sweep or submit. I had a decent day, despite coughing up a lung monkey now and then. Had good rounds with Tim, Dennis, Phil, Darren, Pat and others.

More Games

Group of 4 this saturday. Wade, Nick, and Brian. Sweep/submit vs pass, starting in spider guard.
It was a perfect group for me that day. Evenly matched most rounds, and a good turn over too.

Live From The Field

Didn’t make it to weekday class this week, just too much going on.
I had dynamite group this past Saturday though. Kevin, Darren, Erin, Pat and Damian. We did 4 three minute rounds in, then one out, so it was pretty tiring, but everyone was providing good hard rolls.
Damin tested me, then taught me afterwards When you’re in guard, and they get the barabo choke grip, you can’t hang out. You must escape ASAP.

Saturday Games

We kicked off with a (Half) Circle of Death due to the number of people. Split into groups and played from mount. Submit/take the back vs escape. Damian made note that if you have a submission attempt in progress, an escape doesn’t count until that submission attempt fails.
My first round was on top of Cheng. He bumped and rolled to his side and started to escape, and I followed. He left his arm out a bit, so with Damian’s note in mind, I grabbed in right away. He defended, and I snaked my leg through and let him sit up into a triangle. I adjusted my angle and had it as tight as I could. And I squeezed. And squeezed, and even attacked his trapped arm. I gassed, and he popped out. Told me I almost had it. Man, if that wasn’t enough to tap him, then nothing I have would! I gave that triangle 110%. I’m still limping a bit two days later from the muscle strain!
Rest of the day was a blur in comparison. I had Ben, Dennis, Brian, Tim, Meli, Derwin, and others.

3 in a row!

I’m excited. 3 weeks in a row with a night class!
Tim led last night. We drilled a pretty basic triangle setup, followed by a switch to an omaplata if necessary.
For rounds, I had Wade, Tim, and White Belt Matt. No breaks though! Had Wade 1 round more than Tim, so he moves up one important round in the all time rankings.

Saturday Success

A relatively light day for a Saturday. I suppose a fair number attended the seminar at Fulton for th Brewjitsu event.
Tim split us up, and I ended up in the 180+ pound bracket. Thankfully, most of the real heavy hitters were absent. We played first point, so a constant rotation, coming into bad positions.
I had two notable successes. The first was a textbook escape the back sequence by rolling, scooping, deep half and sweeping. The second, my opponent was either tired, or taking it easy on me. He started very loose in my guard. I’m wary, because this tends to be bait. I was patient, worked my legs up his back, and then went for a triangle. As I expected, he came to life and started stacking me to pass.
But I wasn’t having it. I scooted back some and kept my loose triangle on him. We stalemated for a minute as I was attempting to tighten up the triangle. It wasn’t working much because he kept using his trapped arm to block me, so I grabbed it and switched to an armlock. At this point Popsicle on the sidelines started yelling encouragement. My opponent tried to straighten up and pull his arm out, so I switched back to the triangle, and now his arm was out of position. Locked it up, underhooked his leg, and started to squeeze. It wasn’t super tight, so I started attacking the arm and he eventually tapped. Felt great to really have to work for that one!


I didn’t expect to be able to go on Saturday, but things broke my way.
But nothing remarkable happened. Warmed up, grouped up, rolled.
And last night the luck kept on coming, and I made it to the night class. Tim was teaching this time.
Much like last week, I was huffing and puffing through the warm up. Strange, since I usually don’t have any issues on Saturdays. Maybe it’s a night time thing?
Lesson of the day was a DLR guard into lasso guard, into a sweep. I drilled with Derwin. I had some issues doing the DLR to lasso change, I just couldn’t get the right angle most of the time.
For rounds, we ran the chipper, starting in DLR. My success was greatly varied. Some rounds I got swept in 10 seconds. Some rounds I passed or swept in 10 seconds. Cheng and another guy went 45 minutes without a pass or sweep!