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Ground Down

I didn’t run enough this week. Just one day. Scheduling problems and then when I wanted to run, it was pouring rain.
Saturday was a mental disaster. It started okay, but went down hill quick. We had a group of 9, and did 6 minutes in, 3 out. I had Nik Nik, Morgan, Tim, JR, Pat, Angel, and others.
First round was with Nik Nik, and he knee sliced to arm lock over and over, just like usual. I will figure out how to prevent that pass if it kills me.
Next round, I’m mounted and can’t escape. Next round with Tim, he’s got me in some weird 50/50 leg entangle, holding my ankle, but just sitting there. I move one way, then another, then another, and I can’t figure out how to get out. And he’s sitting there. I go to stand, and can’t. Finally I just push on his leg to pull mine out and reset the round.
Next I’m with someone else, and they’ve got me cruifixed, and I’m doing my best to escape. One of my group on the sidelines is trying to coach me through it, which normally would be nice, but today, it just pissed me off. Yeah, I know how to escape from where I am, I just can’t because he’s countering it by armlocking me.
And from there on out I was just in a sour mood about everything. I finished out my rounds, but my heart wasn’t really in it. Just going through the motions and waiting for class to be over.

Bread and Butter

Sweaty night on the mats, but at least we had some space.
I got to lead the warm up. Damian led the class. We covered one of my bread and butter techniques, half butterfly guard. We started in side control, shucked the head control, hip escaped to half guard, inserted our butterfly hook. Then, using that as the set up, if our opponent sits back, we can stretch back, switch to full butterfly, sit up, rock back, and transition into the clamp position for an arm crush or omoplata or armbar, depending on their reaction.
Wade and I drilled. Then we split into groups for rounds. I had Jason, Nik Nik, and Evan, 3 minute rounds, twice each. Then finished it off with a 5 minute round vs Wade.

Keeping After It

A week away at the cabin…including a couple of runs. Just short ones, but on trails. Who knew that six inch tall grass could provide so much resistance?
I got back in time to go to open mat on Saturday. Lighter attendance that lately. I had a group of 6, and we did 6 minutes in, 3 out. Brie, Bob, Kevin, Andrew, and someone else. Just about the speed of group that I felt like diving into.
Rounds were all good. Notably, Brie kicked my ass when she was on top. And my very last round with Bob was great. I had a kimura from half guard that I rolled over on into a arm bar, that he defended, so I took the back. And it led to a minute of transitioning from one attack to the next, but never quite getting the tap. Afterwards we were both happy with how it went, but spent!

I did something stupid

For a long time, I’ve wanted to do a relay run. Never had the ability to organize enough people to make it work.
Until a friend of a friend had an opening on their RAGNAR Great River team. So…now I’m going to do it. 200 miles, 36 legs, 12 people. And two months to get ready for it. Legs are 5-8 miles each, with a couple of 3-4 mile ones, and one 9 mile one.
I ran on Sunday, just a couple of miles to gauge where I’m at. I felt okay for the run. I didn’t help myself any by marching in the PRIDE parade later that day, I was pretty sore on Monday. Ran the same route this morning, and I feel okay.
Time to up the millage and try to get some semblance of a routine going.


Open mat, grande style again. Big class.

We split into blue/white and purple/brown/black again, but ran the improve you position chipper instead. We had 8 or 9 pairs in, and still had 15 guys out at a time.

It was a grind. The bigger and better guys naturally stayed in, and as an added bonus, all the rest of us came in into poor positions. So, yeah, it was a grind.

Grande Open Mat

58 people on the mat. A steamy morning. We divided into two groups,
white/blues, and purple/brown/black. Then each group split into two.
And then we played close guard against the other half of your group.
30 minutes of starting on top, 30 minutes on the bottom. We did 3
mins in, 3 out to make enough room.

I had Wade, Ginger Alex, Phil, Long, Cheng, and Brady, twice each. I
didn’t do so great on top. On bottom, I did better, but still
nothing to write home about.

No digestive issues this week, woo! But it was hot as hell! Boo.
Lesson of the day was a closed guard pass. Get grips on his pants at
the hips, frame back, then stand up to a ‘up dog’ position and insert
your knee to open the guard. Then it’s a knee slice pass, with your
elbow blocking his leg from re-guarding.

For rounds, we started in closed guard, 3 minutes top/3 minutes
bottom. I had Gil, Max, and Paco, twice each. Did okay with Max and
Paco. Gil, even with an injured shoulder, worked me pretty good.

Uh oh

Things were going okay…until they weren’t. Warmed up & started the
technique of the day. It was a standing lasso guard pass. Nick and I
drilled for one round.

And then…I didnt feel so good. Physically okay, just some
unsettling gut rumblings. I popped out to hit up the bathroom. And
then decided that that was enough jiu jitsu for the night. Just
queasy enough that I didn’t want risk pushing any farther.

Only my second time bailing on a class early. First was due to popping a rib.

Saturday Chipper

Thankfully cooler today. And my stomach was not as full.

Good warm up, then into groups. We had a big one, 12 I think. We did 4 pairs in, then 4 people out, rotating as people improved their positions.

I had Nick, Kevin, Morgan, Gary, Alex, a couple of visiting judo kids, and some others. Good rounds with most of them. The cooler temp and better meal planning really helped.

Grinding it Out

Hottest day of the year so far, 87 when I arrived at the gym. Took about 1 lap of the warm up to realize I was in for a long night. Combination of the heat and dinner I think. Warmed up slowly.

Tim led the class, some lapel/sit up guard sweeps. Easy stuff. Nick and I drilled at a slow and steady pace.

For rounds, I had Tim (twice), Nick, Stu, Gary, and Alex. Tim was thankfully merciful. I mentioned I wasn’t 100% with Stu, and he and I flowed for our round. Ironically, my hardest round was against the lowest ranked guy, Gary. He got me in kesa, and just smashed me. Figures, for an old judo guy. I should review my escapes from there.