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Saturday Rolls…and more!

Another nice day of rolling. I had Rob, Popsicle, Nick, Mick, Issaiah, and more. All good, especially with Issaiah, we were going hard and it was a great back and forth.
After class, since Tim was out of town, we worked together and took down some of the defective wall mats and replaced them with the spares that he had, but hadn’t had the time to install. Took a few hours, but many hands made for light work.

Neon Belly

Special Guest Instructor tonight, Cheng. Tim’s in Hawaii.
And it’s Neon Belly night. Well, knee-on-belly anyways. Tons (literally) of fun…if you’re on top.
We drilled entry, switching sides, surfing to keep our balance, and the taking the back if they escape incorrectly. Then we did some 50% rolling, round robin style. I had the Kid, Nick, and Jordan, both twice.
And then a normal hard round with Jordan. Kicked it off with a sweep, and a near pass into a kimura attempt that he flipped me on. Back to guard and then some back and forth. We were both panting pretty hard by the end.


The beatings will continue until morale improves. Or so the saying goes.
For Saturday rounds, I had Tom, Rob, Popsicle, Mick, Blue Belt Tim, and a couple of others.
I had one nice kimura with Rob, but other than that, it was a character building day. I guess I did last longer with Popsicle than usual, but that may have just been him taking it easy on me.

The Flip Side of Deep Half

Continuing from last week…instead of sweeping from deep half, time to pass deep half.
We start off by “surfing” to maintain our balance, pin his knees to prevent him from bumping, stepping over his head and sit, then kicking our leg free using his pinned knee as leverage.
We drilled and then did some 50% sparring starting in deep half. And I had real trouble with the pass. My hips just arent flexible enough to be able to extend and step over. So I experimented with some other options, and really didn’t come up with anything that seemed good. I’ll have to play with it further.
Interestingly, we had all J’s in class. Justin, Joe, James, Josh, Jason, and Jon.

Saturday Beatings

We had a big group on Saturday, with Alex and his gym joining us from Northfield.
I lead the warm up, then it was self-paired rounds. I had Marcos, Tom, Popsicle, Trey, Mick, Nick, and a couple of others.
Popsicle kicked my ass, as usual. Apparently I was looking discouraged, or maybe tired…I was both. He came back with:
“Pain or damage don’t end the world, or despair or fuckin’ beatin’s. The world ends when you’re dead. Until then, you got more punishment in store. Stand it like a man — and give some back.”
Quoting Al Swearengen from the great TV Show “Deadwood”, a shared favorite between us.
And he’s right, so on we went. And he told me to quit leading with my head. He’s right about that too.

Sunny Saturday and A Rainy Tuesday

Spring is, well springing. Somewhat.
I flew solo at Saturday’s training, which was self paired. And the pool was deep, with more than two out of three of us either at black or brown. I had Popsicle, Tim, Marcos, Mick, and Isaih.
I hit a neat armbar/triangle combo on Mick, that I couldn’t finish because I didn’t walk my shoulders back, and got stacked. And with Isaih, I was playing sit up guard, and went for the sleeve sweep, but he postured up to break the grip. I rocked up into a double leg, he defended and I switched to a single and got the takedown. He tried to use my momentum to roll me and reverse, so I spent a solid 20 seconds doing a headstand trying to stay heavy. And did!
Tuesday we had a small group. We drilled the basic deep half entry and sweep. The for rounds we started in deep half playing sweep vs pass. I had rounds with Kid 1, Tom, Tim, and Cheng. And sucked on both sides of the game. My rounds with Tim were especially good, as he was letting me puzzle it out. I found several things not to do anyways.

A Weeknight!?

Hopefully this becomes more common, as Kid #1 is attending with me now.
It was a smallish class. For a warm up we did some lasso guard grip breaks where you circle your hand out and use their own leg for leverage.
As the ranking student, I got to be the demo dummy. We did a basic pass vs lasso guard. Regrip the lapel, shuffle to the side to neutralize his posted foot, pin that thigh down. Clear the lasso hook with your elbow, and kneel on his pinned thigh. Then you’re in a leg drag position, and can either take side control, or if he rolls away, maybe his back.
We ended with some rounds. I had Nick, two new (to me) blues, Kyle and Carsten, White Belt Joe, and James. I did well with Kyle and Nick. Was pretty defensive with Carsten, but not in any danger.
Sore this morning. Feels nice.


Not much going on.
Typical Saturday routine, playing pass vs sweep/submit. I had Nick, Karren, Brady, and Isaac.
It was good to see Brady again, it’s been a while. And we had a few good rounds together. Isaac and I did as well, and I had a couple of near passes against him, but he’d get to his knees and then wrestle me. THe first time it really surprised me. The last, he really had to work for it.


Saturday, I got to lead the warm up. We split into groups of 3 and played pass vs sweep/submit from closed guard. I had Tim and Cheng, which made for an exhausting morning.
Monday night I was able to slip out for a weekday class. It was Tom, Nick, and I. Tim gave us the basics of worm guard, which I’ve found incredibly annoying to be caught in. The retention techniques were pretty straight forward. And then we rounded it out with a couple of sweeps.
Tom and I finished the night off with a couple of rounds. Mostly me being defensive, but not getting completely smashed either.