The last three weeks have been a real trial. Lots going on in my life other than jiu jitsu, and it’s been weighing on me heavily. I haven’t gone to any classes other than Saturdays. Just no motivation. And not just jiu jitsu, everything. I feel…grey? Bleh.

This past Saturday we warmed up and I felt pretty good during it. Tim told us to group up into foursomes. I grabbed Nick, Mick, and then Vee joined us. We played first to score, but flipping the script, the looser stays in. Made for an interesting dynamic where the winners were well rested every round….so no one wanted to lose.

And…I did great. I can’t say why, but I was in the zone all day. Nick and Mick both commented on it afterwards too.

And for that hour and a half, nothing else mattered. Jiu jitsu really is therapy.