Keeping After It

It’s starting to feel like I’ve got a rhythm of attendance going now.
Finally, knock on wood.

It was a good class last night. We covered some grip break techniques
from within closed guard, most of which were new to me. Then we did
the hip pin guard break into a pass, into a back take. Wade and I
drilled away.

For rounds, we did 3 minutes on top/3 minutes on bottom, starting in
closed guard. I had Wade twice, Max, and Patrick.

Saturday Struggles

Twice in one week! Woo!

Big class, but not crazy like it has been in previous weeks. We
warmed up, and I felt okay.

Damian grouped us up, and then we played “improve your position”. We
had 10 in our group, so we ran 3 pairs in, and 4 people “on deck”.
We had a good mix too. Phil, Alex, Dennis, Kevin, Brie, and a couple
of other white belts.

And I did okay. Decent on the bottom, and I got some chances to play
on top too. The pacing was great too. Go hard for a bit, then get a
break, repeat for an hour.

Embrace the Suck

I got a big ol’ hug of it last night.

Cheng ran the warm up, and it went on, and on, and on, and on… Tim
commented that I looked like I was dying, which was accurate, because
I felt like it.

Lesson of the day was two different DLR sweeps. The first set up the
second. With DLR hook, a sleeve, and collar, press on their far leg
to stretch them out, then pull and kick your DLR hook to sweep them.
If they stuff your leg and come back in, then you just balloon sweep
them over you. I drilled with Wade at a somewhat relaxed pace.

For rounds, I had Wade, Nik, and Tim, twice each. I did okay, given
the state of my cardio. My defense sucks. I never got to try my
offense, but that would suck too. One thing at a time.

The return of the night classes.

I knew that it was going to be rough. And it was. But it’s the next
step toward getting back to a decent routine.

The warm up sucked, but I made it. Lesson of the day started with
some drilling, switching sides when our opponent starts to escape side
control. Damian then built upon that, into a back take when they
continue the escape to turtle. He added one more variation on when
they are super tight in turtle and hiding their feet. I drilled in a
three way with Nik and Jason.

For rounds, I had Nik, Jason, and Adam, twice each. Spent 30 minutes
on my back getting smashed. In our first round, Nik knee sliced me
into an arm bar 7 times in 5 minutes.


Wrestling is over for my boys now, so hopefully I get a chunk of my life back where I’m not ferrying them around town constantly.

It does mean that we were all back to training on Saturday. And boy, I ache today.

Big big group, even being only 2 stripe white belts and up. Juke ran the warm up, and chose the Circle of Death, which was a circus due to the quantity of people there. We wouldn’t have finished until 2 pm if we did everyone. Damian split us into groups, and then we had a new game to play.

Each group was divided into 2 sub groups. Then we had two pairs rolling, one from each sub group. And each group had the same style of sub groups…upper belts vs lower belts. Then we just ran The Chipper within each group.

So, I went against, Tony, Poco, Jason, Gary, and Ben. Thankfully on my side of the group I had Alex, Juan, Wade, and Dennis. Felt good rolling, even if I sucked. The breaks were welcomed.

Forgive me Helio, it’s been a month since my last roll.

The plague hit my family pretty hard this month, we all got it at
least once. Combine that with work, wrestling, and other stuff, and
there wasn’t much time for jiu jitsu.

So, with some trepidation, I went back on Saturday, full expecting to
die during the warm ups. I didn’t, and thankfully got put in a lowkey
group of Marcus, Dennis, Juan, and Brady. We did 4 in, 1 out,
rotating every time a point was scored. Which means short breaks.

It felt good. Really good.

Day off…and only day this week to train, so train I did.

Damian led the class. We covered an over/under pass, with a couple of
variations. Open the guard, scoop one leg up, pin the other.
They’ll usually block your hip, so then you do a psuedo knee cut. If
they block that, then you go the other way, wait for them to re-block,
then beat them to the knee cut.

For rounds, I had Joe, George, Casper, and Ben. 6 minutes in, 3 out.
Nice chance to train with no scheduling constraints.

Work has hit high gear now. Thankful I got to hit the gym this
morning, even though I knew it was going to suck.

We had a group of 8: Meli, Alex, Butcher, Rafa, Wade, Feron, and
someone else. 3 rounds in, 1 out, 3 minutes each. And it was a
grind. But I made it. Even had some successes.

I may be moving slow, but I’m still moving.

Saturday Beatings & 9 Years In

Ugh. It is Sunday now, and boy, do I ache.

Damian split the Saturday class into 2 groups, 2 (3?) stripe whites and up get our normal Saturday training. Fresh whites (and anyone else that wishes to attend) get a drilling class that starts at noon.

I’ve been super busy with work and family stuff, so I haven’t been able to go to class much lately. Broken record, eh?

Anyways, this past week marks 9 years that I’ve been doing jiu jitsu now. Sure doesn’t feel that long though.

Damian broke our “advanced” class up into groups. I think we had 8 in ours, and then we ran the chipper. First point scored wins. And it was brutal. Going hard for a minute or two, then only a short break in line before you’re right back in. I had Wade, Daryl, Nick, Alex, Brock, Richie, and Harris in my group. Tough guys.

It was also Daryl’s last day. He’s moving soon. We’ll miss him. Nice guy and good training partner.

Twice in one week?! OMG. Feels good man. Snowy crappy day,
would have been easy to stay at work. But no, I’ve got goals to hit
and they’re not going to do it themselves.

Lesson was a variation of Tuesday’s. Transition to spider guard, but
they block the insertion of your first hook. No matter, we switch to
a deep lasso hook, then dump sweep them. I commented to Jimmy that
I first learned this a couple of years ago, but I don’t think I’ve
ever successfully hit it.

We only drilled for a bit, then we cut to rolling. I had a round with
Megan and one with George. I sucked with Megan on top of me, but did
okay passing her spider guard. Same thing with George. When I was
on top, he’d break me down and it’d be not stop choke, armlock or back
take threats. When I was on bottom, he passed a couple of times, but
I did hit a nice x-guard sweep on him near the end.