No digestive issues this week, woo! But it was hot as hell! Boo.
Lesson of the day was a closed guard pass. Get grips on his pants at
the hips, frame back, then stand up to a ‘up dog’ position and insert
your knee to open the guard. Then it’s a knee slice pass, with your
elbow blocking his leg from re-guarding.

For rounds, we started in closed guard, 3 minutes top/3 minutes
bottom. I had Gil, Max, and Paco, twice each. Did okay with Max and
Paco. Gil, even with an injured shoulder, worked me pretty good.

Uh oh

Things were going okay…until they weren’t. Warmed up & started the
technique of the day. It was a standing lasso guard pass. Nick and I
drilled for one round.

And then…I didnt feel so good. Physically okay, just some
unsettling gut rumblings. I popped out to hit up the bathroom. And
then decided that that was enough jiu jitsu for the night. Just
queasy enough that I didn’t want risk pushing any farther.

Only my second time bailing on a class early. First was due to popping a rib.

Saturday Chipper

Thankfully cooler today. And my stomach was not as full.

Good warm up, then into groups. We had a big one, 12 I think. We did 4 pairs in, then 4 people out, rotating as people improved their positions.

I had Nick, Kevin, Morgan, Gary, Alex, a couple of visiting judo kids, and some others. Good rounds with most of them. The cooler temp and better meal planning really helped.

Grinding it Out

Hottest day of the year so far, 87 when I arrived at the gym. Took about 1 lap of the warm up to realize I was in for a long night. Combination of the heat and dinner I think. Warmed up slowly.

Tim led the class, some lapel/sit up guard sweeps. Easy stuff. Nick and I drilled at a slow and steady pace.

For rounds, I had Tim (twice), Nick, Stu, Gary, and Alex. Tim was thankfully merciful. I mentioned I wasn’t 100% with Stu, and he and I flowed for our round. Ironically, my hardest round was against the lowest ranked guy, Gary. He got me in kesa, and just smashed me. Figures, for an old judo guy. I should review my escapes from there.

Rounds & Rounds

After Wednesday night, I felt a pretty sore. It didn’t last long though.

Saturday brought us a healthy sized group. Quick warm up, then into groups for rounds. We had 12 in ours, and did 8 in, 4 out. 3 minute rounds, alternating starting on top/bottom. I had Richie, Stu, Alex (twice), Kevin, Juan (twice) that I recall.

Two notable moments. In my first round with Richie, I nearly pulled off the move of the day from Wednesday’s class, only the buzzer saved him. And in one of my rounds with Juan, I mounted and cross choked. I had it about 90%, but we were at the edge of the mat, and I didn’t extend up too high because of the concrete. He rolled me, and it allowed me to adjust my grip. It was as deep as a cross choke as I’ve ever had…and he still didn’t tap. I let go, because if he wasn’t going to tap to that, then me squeezing it more wasn’t going to help. He must not have any arteries in his neck or something.

Still Kicking

I’m not dead, though I felt like death for a while there. I caught some plague from one of the kids, and it just went on and on and on. Then I was on a much needed vacation.

I had the dubious distinction of leading the warm up last night. Nothing like having the oldest and most out of shape guy running it, but run it I did. Damian ran the lesson. We started with a misdirection drill from standing vs open guard. Grab their ankles, swing them one way, swing them the other, then step up next to them. We then build upon that, after the step you use your shin to turn their hips away from you as you settle down on top. Then they can either roll, and you take their back (which we didn’t drill), or you can secure the position, and they try to turn into you, and you arm triangle them. Or, they stay on their side, and you ezikal them instead. Or, you can kick your leg over, mount, then sit into them and do a psudeo-back take, then choke them from there. Wade and I drilled away. Nice pace.

For rounds, we only did one, 20 minutes. Wade and I went about 10 minutes pretty evenly, but I ran out of gas after that. My defense was okay, but it was a grind. Embrace the suck.

Blizzard Beatings

It’s snowing like crazy and the roads are crap, but we still had 40 people in class.

Warm up, mixed groups, and we played advance your position again. I had Alex, Wade, Bob, Nick, Dennis and a few white belts. It was a good group for me, though I apparently can’t maintain mount for the life of me. I’m focusing on being heavy on their chest and head…which leaves my hips light to elevate.

Keeping After It

It’s starting to feel like I’ve got a rhythm of attendance going now.
Finally, knock on wood.

It was a good class last night. We covered some grip break techniques
from within closed guard, most of which were new to me. Then we did
the hip pin guard break into a pass, into a back take. Wade and I
drilled away.

For rounds, we did 3 minutes on top/3 minutes on bottom, starting in
closed guard. I had Wade twice, Max, and Patrick.

Saturday Struggles

Twice in one week! Woo!

Big class, but not crazy like it has been in previous weeks. We
warmed up, and I felt okay.

Damian grouped us up, and then we played “improve your position”. We
had 10 in our group, so we ran 3 pairs in, and 4 people “on deck”.
We had a good mix too. Phil, Alex, Dennis, Kevin, Brie, and a couple
of other white belts.

And I did okay. Decent on the bottom, and I got some chances to play
on top too. The pacing was great too. Go hard for a bit, then get a
break, repeat for an hour.

Embrace the Suck

I got a big ol’ hug of it last night.

Cheng ran the warm up, and it went on, and on, and on, and on… Tim
commented that I looked like I was dying, which was accurate, because
I felt like it.

Lesson of the day was two different DLR sweeps. The first set up the
second. With DLR hook, a sleeve, and collar, press on their far leg
to stretch them out, then pull and kick your DLR hook to sweep them.
If they stuff your leg and come back in, then you just balloon sweep
them over you. I drilled with Wade at a somewhat relaxed pace.

For rounds, I had Wade, Nik, and Tim, twice each. I did okay, given
the state of my cardio. My defense sucks. I never got to try my
offense, but that would suck too. One thing at a time.