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Saturday Rounds

Really big group again this week. We had a group of 8, so we did five minute rounds, 6 guys in, 2 out at a time.

I had Daryl twice, Scotty twice, Darren twice, Stu, and Richie. It was a good mix. I felt pretty decent, moved okay, and over all got some good mat time in.

Wednesday Rounds

Yay! An evening class! Nice change of pace, we actually had some room to move around.

Damian led the class. We warmed up, then did some grip breaking drills, then right into rounds. We did groups of three, 6 minutes in, 3 out. I had Meli and Tony.

I did decent with Tony, getting in a couple of good sweeps, at least one pass, good defense, and a cross choke from mount. Meli seemed to be working on her knee cut pass, because she’d get it, then I’d escape, and she’d do it again, over and over.

I had a week to stew about last Saturday’s class. Not like being mad at myself could do anything though. No choice but to continue and do better.

I had a good group on Saturday. Wade, Daryl, Stu, Adam and one other guy. 10 minutes in, 5 out. I made sure to pace myself early on, and made it through 2 rounds with everyone with no real fatigue issues. The rounds went okay, only Adam really crushed me.

Saturday Struggles

10 days off did me no favors. But it can’t be helped.

Usual warm up, then Tim made the groups. I drew Tim, Pat, Colin, Paulie, Nik, and Wade. So, black, black, brown, purple, purple, purple. 5 minute rounds, in for 6, out for one.

Started off okay with Colin. Did good with Pat next. Then it was all down hill. I was gassed, and my head wasn’t in it. In my round with Nik, he berimbolo’d me four times in a row. After the third, Tim (on the side line) looked at me like “what the fuck are you doing?”


Nooner. Basic warm up with Pat. Then we drilled a closed guard pass, any pass, for 5 minutes per guy. I chose the double under pass. I rarely get it to work live, and figured it’d be a good one to do.

Damian led the lesson, the paper cutter choke from side control. White belt move, but very powerful. We did the whole thing, set up to finish. Even with it being a fundamental attack, I think we all gained something out of it.

We finish up with some live sparing, starting in side control. Top guy needs to submit, mount, or take the back. Bottom guy needs to escape. I had Darren for 5 up/5 down. I did pretty good on both sides. Felt nice.

Highlight of the day: I was on top. He was defending my head control, which frustrated me in all of our goes. I shoved his outside arm up, blocked it from returning with my head, then head standed and hopped over to the other side to arm triangle him.


Big class. Brady led the warm up. Damian made the groups.

I had two white belts, Stu and Jimmy. 4 in, one guy out. Advance your position and stay in.

It was a good mix, and a quick turn over between guys. Every 10 or 15 minutes Damian would stop everyone and set up 3 matches for everyone to watch. First point wins. The back to the chipper.


Nooner today. Tim led. Quick lesson, drilling a fake guard pull to single leg, to X pass into the leg drag position.

Then rounds. I had two brown belts then Tim. Rough rounds for me, I was stuck in bad positions nearly the entire time.

While I was in the shower after class, I thought to myself “Wow, that was a hard one.” And after a moment of reflection, I thought “Well, they’re all hard ones.” And I realized that there never really will be an easy set of rounds. I get better. Everyone else gets better. Rounds stay hard.

Drillers are Killers

Tim led the noon class in some quick guard opening drills, then right into rolling. We did the basic closed guard open, and then the standing variation. Nothing wrong with basics.

I had time for rounds with Tim, Derwin, and Gil. I kept up with Tim for about half the round. Derwin and Gil were slower, but still ground on me. My gas tank isn’t was it used to be.

Wednesday Rudeness

I started my random day off with the morning class. Always a good mix of guys there. Damian led.

Lesson of the day was passing half guard when he’s got a good position. He’s on his side, has the underhook, and is looking to bump us and take our back or start a scramble. We back off and secure his hip. When we’re read, we shift our base, grabbing his back, so our lat is up high on his body, on his face almost. Walk our trapped foot up, push to clear our knee, then switch to 3/4 mount. From there, we use the “rude boy” crossface and go to mount. Then trap his head and Ezekiel choke.

For rounds, I had Tyler (holy cow is he big), Derwin (who was going hard!), Daryl, and Schwartz.


Big group on Saturday. We warmed up with the 3-group/3 exercises method. Then we did the Circle of Death. My arms still ache from the pushups.

We had a group of 7, so we did 6 minutes in, 3 out and rotated. I had Brendan, Alex, Daryl, Paulie G, and a couple of others. All tough rounds too.