Saturday Success

A relatively light day for a Saturday. I suppose a fair number attended the seminar at Fulton for th Brewjitsu event.
Tim split us up, and I ended up in the 180+ pound bracket. Thankfully, most of the real heavy hitters were absent. We played first point, so a constant rotation, coming into bad positions.
I had two notable successes. The first was a textbook escape the back sequence by rolling, scooping, deep half and sweeping. The second, my opponent was either tired, or taking it easy on me. He started very loose in my guard. I’m wary, because this tends to be bait. I was patient, worked my legs up his back, and then went for a triangle. As I expected, he came to life and started stacking me to pass.
But I wasn’t having it. I scooted back some and kept my loose triangle on him. We stalemated for a minute as I was attempting to tighten up the triangle. It wasn’t working much because he kept using his trapped arm to block me, so I grabbed it and switched to an armlock. At this point Popsicle on the sidelines started yelling encouragement. My opponent tried to straighten up and pull his arm out, so I switched back to the triangle, and now his arm was out of position. Locked it up, underhooked his leg, and started to squeeze. It wasn’t super tight, so I started attacking the arm and he eventually tapped. Felt great to really have to work for that one!