Speedy Sparring

Saturday was a quick hit and run for me. I did manage to squeeze in my 531 press work before open mat started.

I started off with JP. I like rolling with him, despite his size advantage. It forces me to be quick and technical. After a couple of rolls, we took a minute to catch our breath, and Damian called me out.

I love rolling with Damian…but I hate it too. He played De La Riva most of the time, which allowed me to work (but fail) at passing. It’s frustrating, being constantly off balance and struggling to make progress. A couple of times over the past couple of weeks, people have commented on how I’m improving or moving well or what not. But I don’t think you’d realize it watching me with Damian. And part of me feel pretty self conscious, just KNOWING that he’s taking notes on me as we’re going.

Afterwards, Renato and I went for a few rounds. I had some good positional success with him, but didn’t have enough to tap him.

Couldn’t stay very long due to non-BJJ life events.