Maintaining Side Control and Ladder Climbing

My 531 squats are reaching a point where I’m starting to feel a little uncomfortable doing them alone. On the plus side, I did have enough time last night to a half dozen cleans as well. No where near heavy, but something to at least knock some dust off of my form.

Class started off with some side control retention drilling. It was an interesting technique that we can use when our opponents start to escape where we can switch sides and establish control. Long and I were drilling together. Towards the end, we added in an elbow crush/armlock combo attack.

Training was the position ladder game. Long, Brady and I were a group. Brady ran through us like a hot knife, finishing the ladder (passing the guard, mounting from side, submitting/taking the back from mount, submitting from the back) against us three times. Two highlights of my night. The first was pulling off this sweep against Long…

The second was starting with Brady mounted on me, blocking his cross choke, and escaping his mount. Even though he remounted and got my back (thus ending that rung of the ladder), I was happy to have escaped the fire, if only temporarily.