Two-fer, No Gi style

Kids, sports, vacation, etc etc etc.

But, there was an opening last night so off we went. I knew that Wednesday was no-gi night, so we left our gi’s behind…got half way to the gym and realized that the fundamentals class was still gi….so back we went. Ended up only a few minutes late.

Warmed up with the gang. Then, grip breaks and a basic single leg setup. I was drilling with V, who’s back again. She’s happy to drill with someone who she knows and knows isn’t going to hurt her.

No gi, we drilled/warmed up with some single leg X entries, basic, and then a shin on shin butterfly sweep one. Then, time for rounds.

I had Tom, Morgan, James, New Guy Jessi, and Max.

Had a fun moment with Morgan. He’s kicking my ass, as expected, but I scrambled and managed to turtle roll him. He’s trying to re-guard, and I see an opening to do a rolling back take. Which would be epic to pull off against the rolliest guy in the gym. But he’s seen a thing or two and counters immediately. Tim/Morgan and I all had a good laugh about it.

Pretty achy today, as one would expect.