Still Kicking

I’m not dead, though I felt like death for a while there. I caught some plague from one of the kids, and it just went on and on and on. Then I was on a much needed vacation.

I had the dubious distinction of leading the warm up last night. Nothing like having the oldest and most out of shape guy running it, but run it I did. Damian ran the lesson. We started with a misdirection drill from standing vs open guard. Grab their ankles, swing them one way, swing them the other, then step up next to them. We then build upon that, after the step you use your shin to turn their hips away from you as you settle down on top. Then they can either roll, and you take their back (which we didn’t drill), or you can secure the position, and they try to turn into you, and you arm triangle them. Or, they stay on their side, and you ezikal them instead. Or, you can kick your leg over, mount, then sit into them and do a psudeo-back take, then choke them from there. Wade and I drilled away. Nice pace.

For rounds, we only did one, 20 minutes. Wade and I went about 10 minutes pretty evenly, but I ran out of gas after that. My defense was okay, but it was a grind. Embrace the suck.