Rounds & Rounds

After Wednesday night, I felt a pretty sore. It didn’t last long though.

Saturday brought us a healthy sized group. Quick warm up, then into groups for rounds. We had 12 in ours, and did 8 in, 4 out. 3 minute rounds, alternating starting on top/bottom. I had Richie, Stu, Alex (twice), Kevin, Juan (twice) that I recall.

Two notable moments. In my first round with Richie, I nearly pulled off the move of the day from Wednesday’s class, only the buzzer saved him. And in one of my rounds with Juan, I mounted and cross choked. I had it about 90%, but we were at the edge of the mat, and I didn’t extend up too high because of the concrete. He rolled me, and it allowed me to adjust my grip. It was as deep as a cross choke as I’ve ever had…and he still didn’t tap. I let go, because if he wasn’t going to tap to that, then me squeezing it more wasn’t going to help. He must not have any arteries in his neck or something.