Spicy Sauce


White belt level technique today…spiced up. We covered proper mounting technique. Stuff the legs away from you, they’ll usually attempt to break that grip, and when the do, knee slice over into 3/4 mount. When the inevitably upa, then you can mount safely and cross your feet. Establish the position, then cross choke. If/when they attempt to upa and roll out of that, you switch to knee pillow and collar choke them.

During the last couple of minutes of drilling, Damian grabbed me and told me he was putting me in a group with Bri, who is competing soon. “Put a little zip in your roll with her.” Aye aye, spicy sauce coming right up.

So I gave her the business. To her credit, she did great. She was in a bad position the entire time, but didn’t quit moving or rest, and her defense was pretty good. My other round was with Erin, who wasn’t competing, but still got the spicy stuff. Same deal with her, she did well. At one point, I had her in an omoplata, and I was getting ready to finish it when Pat started coaching her how to escape, so I paused and let him walk her through it, then I switched to an armlock. He started to coach her through that too, but then she yelled ‘stop!’. I wasn’t sure who she was talking to, so I stopped and checked that she was okay. She was talking to Pat, and was good to go. I get it, tough to listen and roll at the same time!