Snap Crackle Pop

Saturday morning was just bad from the start. I’ve had a lot going on lately, busy with this and that, and have had times where I just didn’t want to train. Saturday was like that. I was there, but not enthusiastic about it.

But I was there. But the difficulties were just beginning. Who’s in town? Bob the Monster. So I kicked the day off with a 10 minute visit to Bob-town. No one likes Bob-town. No one escapes Bob-town.

I tried to make the best of the day, and grabbed Wade next. My one shining moment came in this round. I was knee slicing him, passing his half guard. I had a deep collar grip with one hand, and the other on the back of his neck, ready to loop over into a choke. He had his arm up, and out of place. Bad for him, but it blocked me from choking him. So I let up my pressure, and sure enough, he pulled his arm back to a better spot…which opened him up to the choke. A rare moment where I formulate and execute a plan on the fly.

Next was Harris. Things were going as they normally do, until they didn’t. He’s been focusing on foot and leg attacks a lot recently. Sometimes I can roll out, sometimes I can knee hop out, most of the time I have to tap. At one point, he’s got me in a heel hook, and by the time I tap it’s already popped/clicked my ankle and my knee. He didn’t do it on purpose. It may have come on faster than he realized, I may have aggravated the situation by moving. I finished the last minute or so of the round anyways. But my knee has been achy and tender since.

I spent the next two rounds sitting and watching, poking my knee now and then. I was planning on leaving soon…but then Damian grabbed me. It was only half a round. Can’t turn down the man himself. It went okay I suppose.