No Gi Basics

It was going to be a sweaty night of no gi. Hot and muggy all day.

Lesson of the night was a continuation of the guard break we did last week. Pop up, open the legs, and go directly into a knee slice pass to side control, and then to mount. If he catches us in half guard, retreat and stabilize, then continue the knee slice pass. If he squares up his hips, switch to 3/4 mount. From either 3/4 mount or full mount, we creep our hands up one at a time to really stretch him out, it kind of feels like Superman flying with his arms outstretched. From there we wait for them to roll, catch them half way, giftwrap, then take the back and choke.

Bob and I drilled slow and steady due to the heat. For rounds we did two 10 minute ones. I had Bob and then Corey. Did good with Bob, including a great back take into a triangle from the back. Not so much with Corey. He didn’t crush me, but he did control things most of the time. We talked about some grip breaks that would have helped me some after the fact.