No Gi!

Thank goodness too…it’s been Africa hot here this week.

No lesson tonight, just rolling. No gi sure gives me an appreciation for MMA. The grip strength that those guys must have just boggles my mind. And when the commentator mentions how slippery the fighters are in the later rounds, you better believe it!

I had some good rolls with Short Josh, Purple Belt Tim, Justin and Ron. Tim got me in a slick “Peruvian Necktie”

And later an arm triangle that I was defending…and then things got “buzzy”…and then he let it go because he said I was snoring and out. Ooops.

Ron and I had a pretty good back and forth going. The sweat added a significant element, as it was pretty easy to slip out of anything that wasn’t on tight.

At the end of class Damian showed an interesting sweep from the scarf hold position. I’ll have to play around with it some more.