In the Groove

Wow, does it feel nice to be feeling well again. I was sick so long, I forgot how nice it is to breath through my nose and go 5 minutes without coughing.

We had a very small no gi class last night. We did the Circle of Death to warm up, and then spent all of our drilling time doing a single leg setup. JR mentioned it in passing last week. The real “trick” to getting a take down is closing the distance. If we’re both far apart, then a takedown is impossible because we both have time to react, either stepping back or sprawling. So our setup was to step left and circle, step left and circle, keeping the distance constant, then step left and cut the angle, step right and suddenly we’re on top of the guy. Secure the single and proceed normally. Darryl and were drilling together, and both sucking at it. But we gradually figured out our problems and by the end of our time, appeared that we had some idea of what we are doing. Needs a lot more practice however.

For rounds, we did three 10 minute rounds. I had Darryl, then Justin twice. Did good with Darryl. It felt nice to be able to go at a good pace and keep it up. I got off a nice kimura half guard pass. I didn’t quite get to the back from there, but got on top for the kimura attack into an armlock which I did finish.

Justin is new, this may have been his first class with us. He was wearing a blue rash guard, and from his questions during class and his rolling, I’m certain he’s had some wrestling experience. He out weighed me by a good chunk, so I was nervous starting off with him. He was active, but not overly spazzy. I hit the same kimura pass, kimura attack into armlock combo I did with Darryl, but his grip was pretty impressive. Rather than fight it, I switched to a triangle and finished that. Later I hit a seat belt during a scramble, and rolled to his back and got RNC. In our second round, we were both pretty tired. He stayed active, in bursts. I was never really in any bad spots with him. There were some times were he could have done some things, like attack and arm triangle, but never did. Makes me think his jiu jitsu experience is low. Seemed like a nice enough guy though.

Felt sore after class, but exhilarated at a good night of training.