A Weeknight!?

Hopefully this becomes more common, as Kid #1 is attending with me now.
It was a smallish class. For a warm up we did some lasso guard grip breaks where you circle your hand out and use their own leg for leverage.
As the ranking student, I got to be the demo dummy. We did a basic pass vs lasso guard. Regrip the lapel, shuffle to the side to neutralize his posted foot, pin that thigh down. Clear the lasso hook with your elbow, and kneel on his pinned thigh. Then you’re in a leg drag position, and can either take side control, or if he rolls away, maybe his back.
We ended with some rounds. I had Nick, two new (to me) blues, Kyle and Carsten, White Belt Joe, and James. I did well with Kyle and Nick. Was pretty defensive with Carsten, but not in any danger.
Sore this morning. Feels nice.