Sunny Saturday and A Rainy Tuesday

Spring is, well springing. Somewhat.
I flew solo at Saturday’s training, which was self paired. And the pool was deep, with more than two out of three of us either at black or brown. I had Popsicle, Tim, Marcos, Mick, and Isaih.
I hit a neat armbar/triangle combo on Mick, that I couldn’t finish because I didn’t walk my shoulders back, and got stacked. And with Isaih, I was playing sit up guard, and went for the sleeve sweep, but he postured up to break the grip. I rocked up into a double leg, he defended and I switched to a single and got the takedown. He tried to use my momentum to roll me and reverse, so I spent a solid 20 seconds doing a headstand trying to stay heavy. And did!
Tuesday we had a small group. We drilled the basic deep half entry and sweep. The for rounds we started in deep half playing sweep vs pass. I had rounds with Kid 1, Tom, Tim, and Cheng. And sucked on both sides of the game. My rounds with Tim were especially good, as he was letting me puzzle it out. I found several things not to do anyways.