Still Kickin’

Ugh. I think that this has been my longest non-injury stretch without jiu jitsu since I started. My layoff initially began due to some life/parenting commitments. And then I caught some type of daycare plague from my son. I’m still fighting off the last little bit of it. These are some tough germs.

I was feeling well enough (and non-contagious) to go to open mat on Saturday. The Crossfitters were doing this year’s Fight Gone Bad fundraiser as well. It was nice to run into some old friends, chat for a bit, and count reps for two folks as well. Good people, good cause.

Open mat was good. I paced myself, being aware of lingering germs. Rolled with Renato, JR and Wade. For the past two weeks, I’ve been entertaining myself with some technique videos here and there, so it was nice play around with new ideas. Chim and some others were working some no-gi, so I had to join in a and do a round with Chim. Renato and I did one no-gi round as well. Memorable because he committed for a kimura from my guard, which allowed me to slide around to his back. He was trying his best to tap me, but realized he was in trouble as my other arm came around his neck. He defended me on his back well, so I switched to mount and went right into an armlock. He defended THAT well too, so I switched to a triangle and baited him to sit up into it. . . he did, but then escaped as I was too loose. Brady was watching and groaned at my loss of position. We had a good laugh about it afterwards.