Sluggish on Saturday

Being Thanksgiving week in addition to the new family addition, really threw my routine into flux. I did manage to make it to open mat on Saturday.

But, wow, did it suck. It was some combination of: not going to jiu jitsu very often the past month, not going to Crossfit very often the past month, having several beers the night before, or being mostly non-paleo the last month or so…or some combination of all of the above. I felt slow, weak, and tired the whole time.

I was running late, so I skipped deadlifting, thinking that I would do it after open mat. I warmed up a bit and started with JP. We went almost a full 9 minute round, with him in my guard but me on the defensive most of the time. At the end he got some weird lapel choke. We restarted, he started to pass, and I got a good scramble going and ended up getting directly into mount. I worked my way up into the high mount, but never was able to isolate an arm or his neck to attack. I did however stay on top successfully, where he usually just pops me off.

I took a minute to catch my breath, and this is where I realized how badly I felt. I still sucked it up for a round with Derrick and one with Dumi, but called it a day after that.