Sit Out & Clock Choke

It’s always tough coming back after a break. No way around it, just have to go and keep moving as best as I can.

The first part of the lesson last night was the sit out. This commonly occurs after a failed take down. You’re turtled, and your opponent is sprawled out on top of you. Sitting out allows you to get out and end up on top of them. It’s probably one of the first fives technique that you’d learn in wrestling. Ron and I drilled it, alternating back and forth.

Next, we attacked with the clock choke. We did three variations. The basic one, one where they post on their outside foot, and then another where they fall to their side and end up in a cradle. Drilled it more with Ron, then switched up to Officer Jason.

For rounds, I think I drew the short straw. Dr. Chuck & Zig to start, but then Garrett and Ron. Strangely, I got on the backs of everyone, but never finished anyone. I had the most success with Garrett, which is understandable, since he’s a white belt. Plenty of opportunities with a triangle and on his back, but he defended well enough. It was a little frustrating.