Intermediate Class

A week off of jiu jitsu makes me antsy. And now the schedule has changed some too. Monday & Wednesdays, we’re doing the Alliance Intermediate class rotation.

We did a brief warm up, then got right into some self defense work, punch defense while on the ground. It’s basically knee shield guard, while holding your head for protection. Then, if/when they get frustrated and stand up, you can kick them away, and stand up in base.

Or, you could rock up into half butterfly, which is what we did for the rest of the class. You can stand from there, do a basic butterfly sweep, or if they post out with their leg, you can hook that and sweep too. Or go to x-guard. Plenty of options.

We did three 7 minute rounds to finish class. I had Shane, Renato, and Brady. Did okay with Shane. Did great with Renato, getting off an arm drag to a pendulum sweep, and being mounted or having his back for a good part of the round. Survived (mostly) with Brady. Felt like I was moving pretty well.

Did another ~3 mile run on Sunday. No Tabata this time though.