Deja Vu

Last Saturday, we mixed things up a bit and started running The Chipper. We’d divide up by weight, put about 2/3s of the group in. Sweep/submit vs pass, winner stays. And we’d just cycle through. Nice change of pace, and I got to go with a bunch of people I don’t often have a chance to.
Last match up of the day, Damian. We’re going along, and he’s working a half butterfly. I made a mistake and brought my high arm in to fight for the underhook, and he clamped it down and took me over that trapped arm. He reset, and pointed out that instead of the underhook, I needed to grab is hook pant sleeve and pin it.
This past Saturday, same Chipper.
And in my last round of the day, Damian again. And he does the same thing. This time, as I was being swept, I did have his pants in my hand, just a little too slow to grab it.
Next week, I’ll be grabbing his pants the instant we start!