Cauliflower Factory

Last night started as an “off” night for me. During the warm up, I just wasn’t feeling it. I was feeling slow, tired and weak.. I trudged through it though.

Brady led the class, teaching the Russian tie from head and arm control, into a single leg, a double leg. The drawback of drilling this technique, is that we’re head to head the whole time. Seems pretty easy to grind and blow up your ear.

We also did a variation where instead of turning to grab 2-on-1 the arm, you use your shoulder to shuck his arm past you. Then you’re perpendicular to his body and set for numerous take downs.

For rolling we did 5 minute rounds. I started off with a murder’s row of Brady, Dumi, and Marc. Tough rounds. JR and Shane rounded things out.

I had a interesting situation come up with Shane. I had him in half guard, and I was going for an over wrap on one arm. He started to pull his arm out to prevent me from getting it. I took my outside leg and moved it up on his back, working for the clamp position. I still had a grip on his arm, so I started a reverse or inverted americana. I wasn’t sure I was going to get it, but I knew if he pushed his arm back into my arm pit to defend I could transition to a kimura or elbow crusher. He ignored it for a second, then realized how much trouble he was in and jerked it loose. We played with it after class some, and I think it’s a viable attack.