The Grind

Still hot. Still humid. Small class.

We warmed up with the Circle of Death with the Phase 1 class. Then drilled a standing collar drag into a single leg, immediately followed up with a folding smash pass. Wade and drilled away together.

Rounds were groups of 4, 3×3 minute rounds in, then 2×3 minutes out. We went through 3 times total. I had Mongoose, Long and Tim.

I had some rounds where I did good in. I got stuffed a take down vs Mike, spun to the back, grabbed an arm, and rolled him over for an arm lock. In another round I had a great scramble with Long and got on his back.

I had some rounds where it was all I could do to keep moving. But I moved.

Mike popped my elbow with an armlock. Tender this morning, but it’ll be okay.