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The Chipper

Uff. Saturday I was still sore from Wednesday night. The warm up helped, but then…

The Chipper.

Groups of eight. 6 in, 2 out. Starting sitting. Top guy needs to pass. Bottom, sweep or submit. Winner stays. Looser goes to the end of the line and a new guy comes in. An hour straight, with no more than 30 seconds of a break at any given time.

I had Tim, Brown Belt Chris, Dumi, Morgan, Nik, Wade, and Blue Belt Tyler. Black, brown, brown, purple, purple, blue. Tough group.


Happy New Year.

My 2016 BJJ ended with a big whimper. It has been impossible for me to keep a steady schedule going with the life changes that are ongoing. Work isn’t consistent enough to allow me to go during the day. I had about a 6 week long head cold that made me shudder at the thought of going to roll and I really didn’t want to share with any one even if I did.

I did get get to class last Thursday. Bob the Monster warmed us up, and then we skipped the lesson and when right into rolling. I had Charlie, Philip, Megan, Meli and George. Once around, plus an extra round with Charlie. I felt decent. Glad I went. Sad that I don’t know when I’ll be back.

My boys started you wrestling recently. Fun to see them learning. Interesting to see the difference in culture between that and BJJ.

My BJJ anniversary is coming up fast. Time flies.

Stuck in the Middle

Noon class feels like a hit and run. Rush there, and hop right in. Duck out a bit early, rush back to work. But still, some jiu jitsu is better than no jiu jitsu.

Lesson of the day was two passes of DLR guard. We reviewed and drilled, then into rounds. I had James and Rafa. One round on top, trying to pass, one round on bottom, trying to sweep or submit. I did great with James on top of me, sweeping most of the time. I did horrible on top of Rafa, getting swept every time.

Closed Guard Work

A quick review of breaking our oppenent down from closed guard, transitioning to the Clamp, cross choking and then if they defend, armlock, and if they defend, pendulum sweep.

For rounds we did 3 minutes on top, 3 on bottom, closed guard. Pass vs sweep or submit. I had Phillip and another guy, and only could squeeze in one round with each.

The Grind

Still hot. Still humid. Small class.

We warmed up with the Circle of Death with the Phase 1 class. Then drilled a standing collar drag into a single leg, immediately followed up with a folding smash pass. Wade and drilled away together.

Rounds were groups of 4, 3×3 minute rounds in, then 2×3 minutes out. We went through 3 times total. I had Mongoose, Long and Tim.

I had some rounds where I did good in. I got stuffed a take down vs Mike, spun to the back, grabbed an arm, and rolled him over for an arm lock. In another round I had a great scramble with Long and got on his back.

I had some rounds where it was all I could do to keep moving. But I moved.

Mike popped my elbow with an armlock. Tender this morning, but it’ll be okay.

Closed Guard Work

Vacation is nice. Jiu jitsu is nice too.

I came back to a Saturday mat full. We did 3 minutes on top/3 on bottom, starting in closed guard. Pass or take the back vs sweep, submit, or take the back. I had Long, Danny, and Stu in my group.

I did okay with Long, mostly because he was working the tozi pass the whole time. Danny always smashes me, but did so with an interesting two-on-one grip from his closed guard. I kept pace with Stu, but didn’t have much success.

Takedowns and Rounds

It’s been hot the past few days, but thankfully cool for no gi last night. Small group too, only 10 of us.

We skipped warming up and went right into take down drills, our choice. I drilled the ankle pick variations we did a couple of weeks ago, and the arm drag double. Tim pointed out a problem with my double, and took a minute to explain my mistake to everyone. Then we all drilled it together.

For rounds, we did 10, 9, 8, 7, 6 minute rounds. I had Derwin, Wade, Daryl, Mason and Colin. Felt pretty good and did decently with everyone.

Holiday Class

I had Friday off due to the holiday weekend. I wasn’t going to be able to make it to Open Mat on Saturday, so I went to the morning class. It seemed like everyone else had the day off too, because it was crowded, about 40 of us! It was tricky warming up with that many, there wasn’t enough room to run.

Damian led a quick lesson, attacking from mount. We got a collar grip, then baited a bump and roll, and switched to knee pillow. From there, we got a grip with our other hand, looped it over, and cross choked. We also transitioned to an armlock, and an arm triangle variant with an Ezekiel choke.

For rounds, we split up into groups. 14 minutes in, 7 out. I had Dr. Tim, Arya, Pat, and John. I did good with Dr. Tim, struggled a bit with Arya.

With Pat, I hit the half guard sweep combo Big Tom taught this week, but got caught in his guard. He attacked me with one of my own go-to combos, where he looped my own lapel over my back to keep me broken down. I kept blocking the cross choke, and (unlike some) he knew the other options, so I had to worry about the triangle and the Barbo choke too. I couldn’t posture up, I couldn’t break his grip, and he kept attacking attacking attacking. It took him 6 minutes, but he did get the Barbo right near the buzzer. Props to him for grinding it out and keeping at it.

John is a 2 stripe white belt that I haven’t rolled with before. We had a good round. I got the same half guard sweep to end up on top. Used the kimura pass to pass, but failed in switching to the armlock/back take, and ended up in a quasi-omoplata position. I ended up bailing on it, and ended up on the bottom again. A lot of work for no gain.