Saturday….Smackdown time.  Damian called me out before we started, saying that I hate these sessions.  I had to protest, I don’t hate them, but they’re not my favorite thing in the world either!

Things were going good, my side wasn’t hurting too badly.   Until we did some break-falls.  The first one, I must of landed just right, because it felt like someone had shot me.  I couldn’t finish the break-falls, but I did make it through the rest of it, slowly, but I made it.  Including such new tortures as the arms only belly crawl, and 30 pull ups.  Thankfully they were assisted, so we got both pull ups and squats at the same time, woo.

No class or drilling today.  We finished up the session with 5 people on the mat, and the rest of us rotating in.  Guy on top has to stuff a knee to get to half guard.  Guy on bottom has to sweep.  Winner stays, looser to the back of the line.  With my rib throbbing, I couldn’t muster much of an offense, so I got swept 3 times.  Including by new guy Russ, who just spazzed out on me.  That guy needs to calm down.  The last 10 minutes of class was the same thing, but with Damian taking the bottom spot vs everyone.  I think 3 people managed to get by him.  It turns out it was kind of a voluntary challenge, but I stepped up.  I might of been the only white belt to do so.  He quickly got me to open guard with sleeve control, popped one of my arms between his legs and rolled me over.  I didn’t have the gas to break the grips or do much.

I think I’m going to have to take some time off and let this rib thing heal up.  :/