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Sore on Saturday

I’m sore today, just another sign I’m getting back into the routine I suppose.

I successfully completed the 100 pushups Week 3, day 3 routine. I upped the rest time from 2 minutes to 4, and just managed to squeeze out the minimum number of reps on the last set. Man that program is a killer. If and when I complete the 100 Pushup Challenge, it’ll be a proud moment for me for sure. Looking ahead, I can already tell that it’s likely that I’m not going to be able to make it through Week 4 on the first try. Eeeek.

Good class today. More of the running escape drill, including a variation where the guy on top gets double underhooks on your legs, and starts to go for a stack pass. I was paired up Joe, who I’ve worked with before. I like him. At one point he answered a question with “Si!“, and we both had a good laugh about Spanglish.

When Damian gave me my stripe on Thursday, he mentioned that I need to work on rolling more. So I made sure to make the effort today. Patrick was available, so we went a few times. He was taking it easy, which gave me enough of a chance to acutally make it interesting. I like that about him. I impressed myself by immediately going for (and getting) a clock choke on him when he didn’t defend his neck when he was turtled up.

Class party tonight, and UFC 97 viewing party with my gang too. Woo!