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Nothing new to report.   Rib is still tender (3 weeks later).   No classes attended.  Still trying to keep up with treadmill time and bodyweight stuff.

I did order Jiu-Jitsu University the other day. I heard that it’s a great book, and I’ve been looking for some reference material.

My rib was tender all weekend, so I sucked it up and went to the doctor.  Last winter I herniated a disc in my lower back, and let it go untreated for many months, which only complicated things.  So, never again.  Better safe than sorry.

He looked and me, poked and prodded and did his thing.  Said it could be bruised, cracked, or broken.  No point in doing an xray, it probably wouldn’t show up anyways.  I’m not dying, so take it easy, ibuprofen as necessary, and let your body tell you went it’s ready to resume activity.

So, no jujitsu for me for a while.  :/

The past couple of nights I’ve been doing some body weight exercises, stretching and started some grip strength too.  Maybe I’ll try out the treadmill and see how that goes.

No class today because of the Dave Camerello seminar.  I considered going, but it was $75, and I’m not sure I know enough yet to make it worth my while.

So I did some streching, bodyweight exercises, ran on the treadmill and watched some of the Saulo video instead.