Behind the Scenes: The Making of a Craggin’ Wagon–Spr. 2019.

We recently found some photos and our checklist from about this time last year. It got pretty hectic before we left, so the blog we envisioned to kick off the trip never happened, but I thought you might enjoy these photos and the checklist that got us organized. Sarah did most of the planning, but if you look closely at the checklist, I think you’ll find that I helped.

To Do List

  • Pay off Van
  • Replace Hot Water Heater
  • Remove Car Seats from Van
  • Make mosquito netting for Van
  • Re-make front window curtains
  • Call IQ for new debit cards
  • Call Schwab for new debit cards
  • Mike – Leave of absence
  • Do radios work? 
  • Build new platform for van
  • Fix garage door opener
  • Paint basement bathroom and ceiling
  • Rental Company for house selection
  • Buy Mike beer
  • Sell Versa
  • Storage Unit – Determine size and reserve.
  • Price out movers?
  • Sell/Donate: Bed, chair, desk
  • Repair foundation leak
  • Paint front fence
  • Stop IRA payments
  • Call Insurance – Change house to rental and get setup for van to be storage for Sept-Feb?
  • Cancel Netflix, Hulu
  • Figure out health insurance
  • Buy tickets to Europe
  • Buy Mike beer
  • Have mail forwarded
  • Cancel gym membership
  • Cancel Cable, Electric, Water, Gas
  • Buy Mike Beer
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