It is official… Mike and I are husband and wife!  We had an amazing and wonderful wedding.  Everything went perfect and I would not change a single thing!  We are so lucky to have such wonderful friends and family that were able to attend and help us celebrate!  Check out, under client log-in for additional pictures.

This week, we have been busy with trip preparations.  We have selected a company to rent our condo and it goes on the market on Friday.  We sent our passports to the Tanzanian Embassy to get our visas.  The only other visa we need in advance is India, which we will apply for next. 

Yesterday, I went and received a bunch of vaccinations and pills for the trip.  I think the doctor was a little surprised with how many places we were traveling, but it all worked out.  It was one of the first things that I did that is really starting to make me feel like this trip is for real!  I can’t believe we will be on our way in 7 weeks!

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  1. Jola says:

    YEAY!!!!! Congratulations!!! I am SO HAPPY for you two 🙂

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