Wrestling is over for my boys now, so hopefully I get a chunk of my life back where I’m not ferrying them around town constantly.

It does mean that we were all back to training on Saturday. And boy, I ache today.

Big big group, even being only 2 stripe white belts and up. Juke ran the warm up, and chose the Circle of Death, which was a circus due to the quantity of people there. We wouldn’t have finished until 2 pm if we did everyone. Damian split us into groups, and then we had a new game to play.

Each group was divided into 2 sub groups. Then we had two pairs rolling, one from each sub group. And each group had the same style of sub groups…upper belts vs lower belts. Then we just ran The Chipper within each group.

So, I went against, Tony, Poco, Jason, Gary, and Ben. Thankfully on my side of the group I had Alex, Juan, Wade, and Dennis. Felt good rolling, even if I sucked. The breaks were welcomed.