Wrestling and Rolling

Tiny little class last night, only six of us. Must be the holiday week. Even Damian is gone. Brady was teaching, so that meant wrestling. We did some standing arm drag drills, and then drilled two take downs. The first was a combination arm drag, and steping through and falling back. It’s a movement like pulling half guard and baseball slide together. The second was the chin drop take down we’ve done before.

For rolling, we did 5 minute rounds, round robin. I had good rounds with Dan, Long and Aria. Aria is getting to be pretty tough. She had me in half guard and was very heavy with her pressure and locked me up tight while passing. Then in side control, she was the same way. Nolan and I just flow trained. You know it’s a weird night when I’m the second biggest guy there. Brady crushed me. He had me mounted, and worked up high on my chest. So high my arms were basically above my head, which is a horrible horrible spot to be in. We had time for one more round and I drew Ten Ton Aria again.

It was a good night of training. Though, given how much I’ve been in class recently, ANYTHING would be good!