My weekend was already looking good Saturday morning. The family was all out of town, so I had the house to myself.
Had a good jiu jitsu class. We played first point wins, with a rotating group of 8, so six in and 2 people out at a time. I had Aria, Brady, Long, Meli, Keil, and Kevin. It was a good mix of people.
And I felt like I did well, hit a great half guard sweep with Aria, some good guard retention/re-guarding with others. Even a back take.
After rolling was done, Damian lined us up and mentioned he had a couple of belts to award. He mentioned something about guys with “lives and hobbies outside of jiu jitsu, but still solid jiu jitsu guys who are going to be training for a long time”, and my spider-sense went up. Richie was standing to my right and he got called up for his brown belt first. Then Damian called me up for mine, which really shocked me. I figured it was out there on the horizon, but my training schedule has been so sporadic that I never thought I was making any real progress. And then Morgan got his too.