Where Am I?

Fall sports have been in full swing in my house. Combine that with everything else in my life, and I haven’t made any time for jiu jitsu. A rare convergence of events led to a free night, so I took advantage of it and went to class.
Pretty light attendance. The IBJJF his hosting a tournament here this weekend, so maybe people are resting up. In any case, we didn’t have a lesson last night, just some wrestling drills and rounds.
Halfway through the warm up, and I knew I was going to be in for a long night. Then the wrestling drills hit. I did my best to keep up, and Kevin was a good partner.
For rounds, it was Kevin, Will and I. Damian mercifully told me to go every other round. Kevin and Will are both competing on Saturday, so the extra rounds would be good for them anyways.