Well. It’s been a while.

So yeah. Pandemic. That was a thing.
I think I had one more Saturday training before the world shut down, that I didn’t blog about.
So…19 months without training. I spent more than a few hours thinking about jiu jitsu though. Talking with friends, contemplating my future, etc. The break was nice. More free time for other things. The break sucked. I put on a few COVID pounds. I didn’t see much of my BJJ friends.
Tim has split off from Daimian and opened up his own gym now, Rebel BJJ. Saturday was his first class. And I couldn’t let that pass, regardless if I decide to train again regularly or not. So, I dusted off my bag and set out.
It was like old home week. Lots of people I haven’t seen in a long time. But a solid crowd for a short-notice soft opening day. We did a quick warm up, which had me exhausted from the get go, and then into groups. I had Meli, Long, Paulie G, and Mesfin. All of whom also had been off for a long time. We did 4 in, rotating on any scored point. Exhausting work.
And I ache today. But it was good. I need to decide on my future.