Tuesday Takedowns

Damian and a few others are down in Sao Paulo training for a couple of weeks at Alliance HQ. As such, classes are being led by various people. Brady was last night.

The lesson was drilling the double leg takedown. Wrestling never has been, and never will be, my strong suit. And I greatly prefer the single leg takedown. In any case, we drilled it for a while, then mixed it up with some general takedown drills.

We then ran some 100% drills. 45 seconds, takedown wins, loser does pushups. I started with Shane, and got smoked, but he has a wrestling background. I ran out the clock with Ron, and almost did vs Dan.

Rolling for the night was 4 minute rounds, starting in a set position. With Ron, we started in mount. With Renato, side control, and with Dumi, in guard. Good stuff.